Dear Friends,

A quick note to let you know that as of Tuesday, May 17, 2016, all yarns and BOOKS will be
presented at 50% discount. Our needles and implements will remain at 30%.

Please continue to come in and get your bargains. We still have some yarns left in project quantities, but they are disappearing fast!  Make sure you check our fixtures, baskets and other display items which might help you to arrange and store your stash at home.

I also want to remind you to please remember if you have credit at Aylin's. We make a sincere effort to watch out for that when you are checking out, but it will still help if you remind us.

Thank you all for your sincere and touching sentiments and good wishes. They, and you, mean a lot to me. Hope that we will continue seeing you during our liquidation phase, and afterwards as we set up new classes, workshops, events, and shopping sprees...Aylin's will continue serving our community.

Warm Regards,