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Indiana Kitchen Fresh & Natural Spareribs
Don’t let the name fool you: these are no leftovers! Longer than back ribs and located lower on the ribcage (near the belly), spare ribs have higher fat content and thus are sought by chefs everywhere for their fall-from-the-bone tenderness! A great choice for bigger crowds!

***Low Price: $1.75 a Pound***

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About the Owner

Rachel has been a creator her entire life. Before landing on making almond butter into a career, she was a contemporary dancer, pilates & yoga instructor, massage therapist, and had a serious hobby of making weird and healthy foods in the kitchen.

Rachel founded Revival Food Co. in 2014, after making almond butter jars for guests at her wedding. Her vision for the company-- to always use whole, superfood ingredients that are sustainably sourced, to shift the mentality around vegan food being weird, and to be a voice of encouragement and empowerment to do amazing things with this beautiful life that we've been given.

Revival Food Co. has four delicious flavors:
  • Classic
  • Super Spread
  • Coco Love
  • Chai Time
***6/8oz - $44.60 a Case***
Monthly Deal!
Tell City Pretzels are made with a secret recipe established by Casper Gloor, the original owner from Switzerland. Each pretzel goes through the unique process of being hand twisted, dipped in a solution and then baked at just the right temperature and amount of time to get that perfect krunch. When looking closely, you’ll even notice the finger pinch left behind from the hand twist. Pretzels are currently available in the traditional flavor only, as our mission is to preserve the original taste, unique krunch and hand twisting.

For every location that purchases a case of Tell City Pretzels, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a FREE case of Tell City Pretzel's famous Honey Mustard pretzels.
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