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Noted Comedic Actor Kenny Raskin Named Artistic Director of Hearts & Noses
Anyone can clown around.
But when it comes to engaging, empowering and entertaining hospitalized children, that requires a unique blend of skills and training. 

T o help the Troupe's clowns enhance the experience for the young patients they visit, Executive Director Cheryl Lekousi announced the appointment of renowned comedic actor Kenny Raskin   to the new position of Artistic Director. Read More 
Mass. General Hospital Welcomes Hearts & Noses Pilot Program 
Introducing Our 5th Partner Hospital
"For a brief time, we help kids leave the world of sick."
- Alan Cohen, Hearts & Noses Lead Clown

In March, Hearts & Noses launched a Pilot Program at our fifth Boston-area partner, the Massachusetts General Hospital. We are pleased to have MGH join our roster, which also includes these top-ranked facilities: Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center, Boston Medical Center, Franciscan Children's, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatrics. Read More     
Hearts & Noses In the News
Did you see us in these news features?

WBZ-TV (Channel 4) -- with Dr. Mallika Marshall
Introducing Hospital Clowning 101
Boston Workshop Set for October 22 - 23
The Introduction to Hospital Clowning workshop (scheduled for Oct. 22-23) in the Boston area is a two-day, intensive, interactive workshop offering the keys to improv-based hospital clowning for children, including the opportunity to:
  • Discover and develop your clown personality;
  • Learn the art of Clown World improvisation;
  • Practice hospital clown/patient role-playing;
  • Learn techniques for empowering the patient.
Through professional training, volunteer clowns engage and empower children who often feel they've lost control of their lives. They also engage parents, providing a welcome, lighthearted respite. Read More 
Clown Spotlight - Jason Jedrusiak aka Honk!
How did you hear about the Troupe?  Through spontaneous or not so spontaneous connection and community. I heard about Hearts & Noses originally by meeting Jeannie Lindheim at a Drama Therapist Practice group in Somerville. Sometime thereafter I came across Jeannie's Hearts & Noses training manual in Patch Adam's massive library at the Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia.  Read More
Clowns in Action...

Tic Toc was waiting for her partner in the lobby where a family with a 6-year-old, an infant and a 3-year-old girl were also waiting.  The father asked Tic Toc if she was one of those 'creepy clowns'.  Being a simple clown she shrugged her shoulders in an 'I don't know' way.  She then took out a small hand-mirror and gestured to the man that she would check.  She made a face and looked into the mirror.  Shocked she looked up and shook her head yes, she was indeed a creepy clown.  Poor Tic Toc sat down in a chair, lip quivering and head in hands.  How terrible to find you are a creepy clown.  The 3-year-old girl left her family, walking across the lobby and stopped in front of the sad clown.  She gently took the clowns face into her hands and said, "Don't cry, you're a good clown and I love you."   Slowly the clown's face lit up, a smile replaced the frown and she replied, "I love you too. Thank you." 
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