Are You OK?
Or, as Generation Y would say, R U OK?  No matter how you ask the question, these four syllables make a difference in the lives of our seniors every day.  Amidst the chaos of ElderHelp's relocation--shuffling boxes, computers and phones, Sally was faithfully making her "R U OK" calls.  One of our members didn't pick up after repeated attempts. Concern began to grow, so we requested a welfare check for him.  Sadly, he had suffered a stroke and was unable to answer the phone.  But the good news is he was found in time and responded to treatment. Whether it's a friendly chat, a quick check-in or a life-saving action, we love asking our seniors every day, "Are you OK?" 

Partners in the Community
With support from partners like the Grossmont Healthcare District we are able to reach so many more seniors who need us.  Here is a captivating message.  

HomeShare is Growing throughout California!

ElderHelp's HomeShare team recently traveled to Morro Bay to exchange ideas with other California agencies matching home seekers with home providers.   If you are interested in learning more about our HomeShare program, please visit

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