Message from Dawn & Martin
Dear Heron Creek Community,

At Heron Creek our mission has always been to improve the well-being of our community - mind, body and spirit - so that each of us can be our best and use our gifts to make the world a better place.

To achieve that mission we created the most incredible multifaceted yoga and fitness center available under one roof! We are closing the Wilson St studio and Heron Creek Yoga is moving into Heron Creek Fitness on Jerseyville Road.

Starting next Thursday June 14 at 5pm several new yoga and barre classes will be added at Heron Creek Fitness alongside the classes and instructors you already know and love.

We're confident that you will love these new classes and the ability to add another dimension to your fitness routine. We know that yoga is a true game-changer and gives incredible benefits to most people. We hope you will try it this summer!

We are working with our amazing staff at both locations to make your transition as smooth as possible. This weekend we will finish re-organizing the equipment to create a new stretching and personal training area and spread out the circuit. Yoga classes will be held downstairs and mirrors will be installed upstairs for the new fitness class area. Spin will get its own super cool room with lights and giant screen. We will be adding more tvs in the future too. We have included answers to questions we think you might have below. If you have any questions or concerns after reading the section below, please feel free to email us at

We are so grateful for you and the community we have built together here on Jerseyville. We sincerely believe that you will enjoy your new space as much as we do and w e look forward to many more years of breathing, learning, and growing our yoga together.
Answers to Some of Your Questions
Why choose to move?
Martin and I are passionate about providing you with the best service and the best options for living a long, healthy life. We know we can do this through our caring, people-centered approach to yoga and fitness. Bringing both businesses under one roof will allow us to be more focused and create a stronger, more vibrant community.

Will my current membership fees change? 
No. But can unlimited Yoga to your Gym membership for only $11 biweekly.

Will our classes change?
No, we are keeping all the same classes and equipment.

Will the instructors change?
No. All your favourite instructors will stay at the gym.

Will the schedule change? 
No. Aside from minimal changes for the summer schedule and possibly some tweaks to the spin schedule.
What if I do not want to do yoga?
No problem, just keep doing what you are currently doing.

Who is moving into 38 Wilson St? What’s the rush? 
La Rondine is “a gift store in Hamilton that specializes in wedding favours and bombonieres as well as a wide selection of elegant gifts for every occasion.” It was bought by a lovely yoga client of ours, Angela Febbraro, and she wanted to relocate the store to Ancaster A.S.A.P. We had just started looking for a someone to take the space, and Angela found us!


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