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With the holidays right around the corner, I want to make sure you are in the loop about a few upcoming events and programs sponsored by Parenting Children with Special Needs, Inc.! 


We are currently accepting applications for our Santa's Miracle Program. This program is for Kansas City metro families who have a child under the age of 18 with chronic or terminal diagnosis, who may also have some financial struggles. This program provides a private, home visit with Santa Claus, who comes bearing gifts for the entire family!  We do our best to fill the gift wishes of these amazing families and help make lasting memories during Christmas.  An organization, teacher, social worker, case manager, therapist, or community resource can nominate a family, and of course a family can apply personally! Please note if nominating someone, a parent or caregiver of the family MUST complete the application.   Click here to download the application  Santa's Miracle Application


Here is the process in a nutshell....



  • Part 1: Fill out and complete the requested information on the applicant and household members. List all children, including the child that has special needs and their diagnosis.
  • Part 2: Fill out monthly income and monthly expenses. Please keep in mind that the sole decision is not based upon income. Please be able to provide any documentation that supports the medical diagnosis.
  • Part 3: Fill out each child/ family member's information. Fill in accurate clothing sizes for each child. Fill in each child's wish list in preferential order. Please feel free to add additional pages if needed.
  • Part 4: Sign and date.
  • Part 5: Before mailing or emailing make sure to include a family photo!  
  • Submit application electronically via email to Stephanie@pcwsn.com or mail to PCWSN Santa's Miracles 30905 E Stony Pt., School Rd Grain Valley, MO 64029.
  • All Applications are asked to received by Monday, November 11th. Please allow 5-7 business days for US Mail.


  • Families may not be receiving help from any other organization for Christmas.
  • Only children under the age of 18 and parents/caregivers who reside full time in the residence are eligible.
  • Families are only eligible every three years.
  • Must live in the Kansas City geographic area (within 25 Miles outside of downtown KC)

Again here is the application link... Santa's Miracle Application Link.  Please, forward and get the word out, as the Miracle Committee will review applications beginning November 4th, 2013! Get them filled out, double check to make sure it's all complete and get it to me ASAP!
Read more below for all the upcoming events and activities for our amazing families!





All My Best,

Stephanie Myers

President and Executive Director

Parenting Children with Special Needs, Inc.


Breakfast with Santa!
Breakfast with Santa
Come have breakfast with Santa on December 14th from 8-10am at Zona Rosa! This is a private event only for families who have a child with special needs and of course the parents and siblings. We are limited to 200 guests so it fills up QUICK! MUST RSVP and have a confirmation number to attend. Craft, music, small play area, free photos, catered breakfast and a visit with Santa to leave memories forever! Volunteers are always needed for this event.  It is so rewarding to see the smiles on the faces of the children and the parents as they enjoy this holiday tradition without all the lines and frustrations that can come with some of our children's unique diagnosis's!                            .

Our Price: $ FREE but we can appreciate your donations at the breakfast


info@pcwsn.com with no more than 2 adults and only children under 18. Please include your child's diagnosis so we can make sure we are accommodating your needs!  Its our pleasure!


Questions call: 816-217-748



Volunteer by                                             

emailing info@pcwsn.com                    

Santa's Miracles
Santa's Miracles
Santa's Miracle Program  Application...                             





2013 Santa's Miracle Application! 


Make Sure this is complete when sending,...if you need help we are always  here for you! 






Sweetheart Dance!

                                  Bring your little sweetie for a night of dancing, dinner and an evening of memories in the making!  This night is for Mom and child, Dad and Child, Grandparents and  Grandchild, you name the couple it is welcome! This is both for children with special needs and community peers,  an all inclusive dance where just fun love is in the air!  Where wheelchair spins, good food, and magic are all happening in the same room!!!  Live DJ (featuring our very own Party it Up Entertainment), ball room dancing demo, photo booth with Simply Moore Photography, corsage and butneeers are for sale, because it all about YOU!.  Get all dressed up and love on your little sweetie! 

Our Price: $ 30.00 a couple if paid in advance.



Febuary, 22nd 2014    6-9pm at Chapel Ridge Banquet Center                           


RSVP NOW  mention "PCWSN DANCE" and get a coupon for your discount!



Parenting Children with Special Needs, Inc. (PCWSN) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of families who have a child with challenges associated with a medical diagnosis. We empower these special families by providing them funding, educational resources, community awareness and support!  Founded in 2011 by a Mom on a mission and child with special needs, this organization keeps 100% of its funds here locally helping families who need us! Where the Board of Directors and our amazing community volunteers dedicate their hearts in helping make a difference and it shows in the faces of all the families we support! 
Let PCWSN be apart of your heart, spread this email and get involved!  It takes a village to raise a child, be apart of our village!
All Our Best,
Stephanie Myers

Parenting Children with Special Needs