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Are you ready for your party stimulus plan? We've got some epic pub games for you, thirsty traveller.


And scroll right down for your new Oktoberfest survival guide.


Pub Games
Pub Games


Heading on a pub crawl or party event of any kind?


Become educated and versed in all the best drinking games that will have you rolling between pubs and bars in laughter..


..but hopefully not rolling home.

Pub Games  

From Fuzzy Duck to Circle of Death, here's a selection of some our favourite pub crawl games.


Ready to party?


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Euro Hard'n'Fast Tour Like it Hard & Fast?

Of course you do. Then BE fast, because there are only 2 seats left on this awesome pub tour.


The weak need not apply.


Thirsty? Contact us today.




Oktoberfest Oktoberfest 3-Night Packages


Some limited 3-night packages (incl. beer tent reservations) are still available for Oktoberfest.


3-star Package


Midweek 1, 24-27 Sept  (<5 seats)

Midweek 2, 1-4 Oct  (<10 seats)


5-star Package

Midweek 2, 1-4 Oct  (<5 seats)


See details of availability here

Contact us today for enquiries.


Beer Bliss

Going to Oktoberfest? Then you must practice this song.
Going to Oktoberfest? Then practice this song :)

World Thirst - Ponyfish Island


Ponyfish IslandSurrounded by water on all sides, Ponyfish Island is a haven for thirsty wanderers.


Its location as unique as its name, it can be found floating on the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia.


Ponyfish Island

The venue is a tribute to explorers and discoverers of all kinds.


The island pub takes its name from the elusive Ponyfish, a mysterious creature in the river.


What to drink: Coopers Pale Ale in 750mL Longnecks.

Guzzle your way to World Thirst for more epic watering holes.

Next month, we'll take you to the world's longest bar and give you a sneak peak of a new tour coming in 2014.
Stay thirsty,
Thirsty Swagman Team
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  Tim Prazner

Thirsty Traveller 

Some do the Worm. Tim Prazner from Lithgow, Australia, says that's for wimps.

So he's perfected the Grub!

Watch him do it to an audience here.

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Travel Fact


Did you know that when you fly from Iceland to Anchorage you actually arrive 50 minutes before you even left?


The Icelandair flight takes off at 17:10 in Keflav´┐Żk and arrives in Anchorage at 16:20 local time, being the only flight on the North Atlantic in which this occurs.



Words from Smash!


Teamwork = Keg of Beer 



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