All About Compression, Inc. Monthly Newsletter
Did you know that graduated compression socks are good for everyone?? Yes, it's true. Wearing graduated compression socks helps prevent poor circulation, blood clots while traveling and swelling in your ankles and feet.
The  Lymphedema Treatment Act  just published a great  infographic!
Check it out, share with your community, and support this important  legislation  for  lymphedema  
patients at

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Kelly Lorenzen was honored to be a part of the Tempe Chamber Board of Directors for the last 3 years. We celebrated the current and retiring board at the Tempe Chamber's Annual Luncheon.

We hope you find the information provided in this newsletter useful and helpful. Our goal is to continue to provide as much education on compression as possible. Feel free to call us anytime with questions toll free (855) 835-3544.