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High Holiday Edition - President's Message
Dear Friends,

I was catching my mom up on family recently. After a bit, she said, "I am so glad that you have that little shul." Why? "Because it makes you so happy!" Yes, it does - I love our little shul. I am thankful for all of our members, as we make this shul extraordinary. I am astonished at what our small, loving community accomplishes each year. We weather every type of storm well.

We are so pleased that Derek and Rebecca Fields will lead High Holiday services again, along with member volunteers who will actively participate, making this a truly meaningful "community" service. Remember that no membership or tickets are required to attend any service.

As we approach the new year, I feel proud of all that the shul has achieved this past year, especially since nearly a year has passed since the Grosses made Aliya. Their departure left a large gap to fill. By working together we transitioned smoothly. Where the Grosses led services a couple times/month, other leaders have stepped up to the bima weekly. Where David prepared Kiddush each week, now a committee prepares our scrumptious weekly Kiddush. Many now share the work once handled by one dedicated couple. Thank you all for re-energizing us! There remain many opportunities to volunteer: come add your special touch to our incredible shul.

David Fruchter recently resigned his Board seat. David's beneficial wisdom, and know-ledge of American and Jewish law, have been valuable. He promises to remain active. The Board appointed Michael Roland to finish David's term, ending at the next Annual Meeting. Michael has been active on the building committee, making key improvements. Be sure to check out the beautifully handcrafted railings on the ramp in the back - then thank Michael for his work!
In this New Year, we look forward to growing spiritually and adding to the shul membership. I hope to see you and your loved ones at our High Holiday Services.

L'shanah tova tekatevu v'techatemu , לשנה טובה תכתבו וחתמו
May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.

Pam Tatar
High Holiday 5778 Services
***All are welcome***
No membership or tickets required 
Please park in one of these lots:
 1. O ld Stewart's parking lot, across the road
 2.  Empty gas station on corner of Rtes 20/203
 3.  Hardware store lot, next to gas station
Please save the Synagogue driveway for those with disabilities. Thanks!

High Holiday 5778 Schedule
Holiday / Date
Rosh Hashanah
(Note: service start times are firm, others are estimates.)
Wednesday, 9/20/2017
6:20 PM
Candle Lighting and Maariv
6:35 PM
Thursday, 9/21/2017
9:00 AM

Children's Service  10:00 AM
following services
Friday, 9/22/2017
9:00 AM

Yom Kippur
Friday, 9/29/2017
5:30 PM
Kol Nidre
5:45 PM
Candle Lighting and Maariv
6:20 PM
Saturday, 9/30/2017
9:00 AM
Torah Reading
10:00 AM
Children's Svc
10:00 AM
11:30 AM
12:30 PM
4:30 PM
6:15 PM
Break Fast
7:20 PM

Chesed Committee-Help Do Good!

The Nassau Synagogue is looking for volunteers  for its Chesed (Hebrew for lovingkindness) Committee. The Chesed Committee provides outreach to members our shul community, in order to help each person meet life's joys and challenges in times of celebration and of need, sickness, bereavement, and any form of difficulty. Acts of kindness could include giving rides to those unable to get to shul on their own, making meals for after a hospital stay, and celebrating life's simchas -- just a few examples of how a committee member can reach out to congregants in times of comfort and sorrow. 

If you are interested and can get involved with whatever time you have available, please contact Gail Agata at 518-758-9575.

Nassau Synagogue 

Imagine: Your child(ren) enjoying a fun, stimulating Jewish experience with friends and role models. 
Here at the Nassau Synagogue Hebrew School, our goal is to provide a meaningful and positive Jewish educational experience while keeping class time to just 90 minutes a week on Monday evenings. The program is open to all ages from kindergarten through 6th grade. 
Younger children enjoy a multi-media, hands-on, creative approach. Older children explore Jewish ideas, history and values through thoughtful, evocative, and challenging dialogue.  
Sign your kids up today! It's free with membership. This could also be the very thing your Jewish friends and neighbors are seeking for their children, too. So please spread the word about this great opportunity.
Contact Pam Tatar at or call 518-441-5062 for schedule and further details.

Membership / Donation Form

The Nassau Synagogue tradition is that one need not be a member to attend Shabbat services or to participate in our events and programs.  We do not sell seats for the High Holidays, nor do we auction aliyot. How have we been able to do this over the years and still keep membership dues so very low?  It is through your continued support that is essential to keeping us strong.  The Nassau Synagogue relies almost exclusively on the contributions of its supporters and on our membership dues.  So please, help us with a donation, and/or consider becoming a member. 
PHONE NO._______________________E-MAIL______________________________
Please note that at least one adult member of a membership unit must be Jewish by matrilineal descent.
Family Membership         $300
Individual Membership   $200
________I would like to renew membership in the Nassau Synagogue
________I would like to join the Nassau Synagogue
_____   If you are joining or renewing your synagogue membership, please check here if you would like your personal information included in the Membership directory. By checking here you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as follows: that the main purpose of the directory is to make personal contact with other members to encourage social interactions, acknowledgement of celebrations and other meaningful events, and to encourage the promotion of shul related activities among those on the list.  The list may not be shared with anyone who is not on the list, given to any organization without the prior consent of the Board, or used to promote political ideas or platforms. 
To the General Fund:  $_______________                            To the Hebrew School:  $ _____________
To the Kiddush Fund:   $ ______________  
Or contact Barbara Neiman, 477-9580 or , if you would like to sponsor a full Shabbat Kiddush
In Honor of_____________________________________________________________
In Memory of___________________________________________________________
PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO THE NASSAU SYNAGOGUE and mail with a printout of this form to:  PO Box 670, Nassau, New York   12123. 


Winter Is Coming!
by Bruce Huttner
Yes, winter is coming, and promises to be a long one.
How to get through the terrors of the "long night" ahead? Well, how about joining "The Seven" (it's "The Eight" but you get the idea) for some philosophical jousting? Last season saw Sir Jonathon Sacks unsheathing his sword of righteous indigna-tion to do battle with "the Hound" (much-reviled Daniel Dennett), who unleashed the icy blue fires of reason to light our chilly path toward his version of the truth. Who won this epic battle? 
It seemed all was lost, until Rebecca Goldstein made a surprise entrance, carving a swath of humor through a battle field littered with the corpses of arguments and counterarguments. It was breath-taking (and one predicted by our own meister, Jim M).  Well, that was fun...
So, what was the Jewish Philosophy Book Group actually up to last year? Our usual cerebral meanderings, of course. We started the year with Daniel Dennett's Darwin's Dangerous Idea, a deep dive into Darwin's theory of natural selection. Dennett is one of the leading voices in the "new atheist" movement, and a pure materialist in his philosophic disposition. The book was fascinating in its exploration of the principles and theory that underpin modern Darwinism; but deeply challenging in the broader argument that Dennett was making about how Darwinism moves us closer to a value set that displaces G-d as factor in both the creative process at work in the physical world and in the sphere of morality. Dennett does not mince words. He makes the theory of natural selection his fulcrum for arguing that there is little in common between the worldview of science and reason and that of a religious perspective grounded in a "faith stance." As I said: this was a challenging book.
But the Jewish Philosophy Book Group never shies away from a good argument. After all, our motto is "That's what YOU think!" 
In rebuttal, we read The Great Partnership: Science, Religion, and the Search for Meaning by Rabbi Jonathon Sacks. Rabbi Sack is a great writer, who can wax very eloquent in defense of Judaism's most high-minded core values.
His argument is a passionate defense of faith in a grand design as the only source of "true" meaning in life. From this argument he mounts a frontal assault on the new atheist movement while trying to carve out separate arenas of authority between science (answering the "what" and "how" questions) versus religion and faith (answering that all-important "why" question). This is a classic argument, and one that is persuasive in proportion to one's disposition toward "intuitive reasoning." Still Sacks does a very credible job in making it.
The third book we tackled was our "light" summer read: 36 Arguments for the Existence of G-d by Professor Rebecca Goldstein. Professor Goldstein is a Spinoza scholar, and comes from a very strong Jewish background. "36 Arguments" is a novel whose protagonist authors a hit non-fiction work on the psychology of religion, and whom the media dubs with the sobriquet, "the atheist with a soul." The novel is a humor-filled exploration of a questing mind's journey from a privileged secular Jewish upbringing through a philosophic wasteland. Goldstein's light touch helped us thread the needle between the harder-edged arguments presented by Dennett and Sacks. It was a very fitting finale to last year's study.
The Jewish Philosophy Book Group resumes in September for its 8th (or 9th? Or 10th? I've lost count) season of inquiry. We haven't selected the first book yet, so I cannot say what is in store. But I can promise you a lively weekly discussion, lubricated by some top shelf spirits and sweetened by fine chocolates. What a combination! 

The book group meets pretty much every Monday at 7:30 at the Synagogue. If you're interested in joining us, feel free to just stop in. If you have any questions, you can contact me at

Shalom all! 
I am just so proud of our little shul and all that we do to help repair the world (Tikkun Olam).
Our mitzvah knitters continue to knit hats for IDF soldiers and blankets for the homeless and for folks in nursing homes. They also continue to teach and support many folks who want to learn to knit.

We have participated in, and will continue to participate in, the Equinox Thanksgiving preparation for folks that are in need of a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Watch your email and Shabbos bulletin for details on this incredible mitzvah in November 2017.
We have participated in the Breast Cancer and MS Walks, and in mitzvot with the Regional Food Bank. We will continue these important events, as well as add new opportunities to support those in and beyond our local community. Again, watch your email.
We strongly encourage you to donate directly to Mazon: a Jewish response to hunger, the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY, and to Nassau's local Food Pantry, at 15 Church Street, Nassau, NY.
Please be sure to share your wonderful Tikkun Olam ideas with the Board. No project is too small to make a difference.
Kate Rachel Lozier
Editor's note: I had the privilege of seeing a gorgeous, comfy Mitzvah Knitter's afghan when visiting a neighbor at the Riverside Nursing Home/Rehab Center. Bravo, team! 

  •  Kate Lozier, on the birth of her granddaughter Charlotte, daughter of Aaron & Elizabeth.
  • Paul Cohen, on his retirement from the New York City Department of Finance.
We love to share good news here. 

Please send your good news to Rhonda Rosenheck with the word "newsletter" in the subject:


Please pray for complete and speedy healing for:
David Gross, Nancy Lord, Barry Strock, Kenneth Strock, David Rosenheck, and Maya Layton.
Please send names of those needing healing to Pamela Tater at  

Editor's note: Jewish traditions have many meanings of healing, and believe it possible even for those with lasting ailments. Refuah shleimah, a full (or complete) healing, is less awkward than "get well soon" can be. 


Todah Rabbah, Kiddush Committee!

Many thanks to our wonderful Kiddush committee: Barbara Neiman, Pam Tatar, Nancy Lord, Sharon Cohen, and Margo Singer. 

We are most grateful that this amazing team that prepares our delicious Kiddush luncheons and snacks each week. Working behind the scenes weekdays and each Friday afternoon, and again on Shabbat, this team keeps our pantries and fridges well stocked. They seamlessly present a lovely menu for our weekly pleasure. Special thanks to helpers Tiara Jaron and Maida Bogoslofsky and to all who assist with cleanup. The committee always welcomes more volunteers.  

Please volunteer for Kiddush every 6-8 weeks. For information and to volunteer, please contact Barbara Neiman at .


Would you like to celebrate your special occasion with us? 
Sponsoring a Kiddush near birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and all happy occasions is a great way to include the Nassau Shul community in your simchas.
Do you wish to honor the yahrzeit and memory of a family member? Share that with your shul community through a sponsored Kiddush as well.
Please consider sponsoring a Shabbat Kiddush with us. While the cost is nominal, the warmth of the community is huge. You feel marvelous and our shul benefits in so many ways with your generosity and added Shabbat joy.
To sponsor a Kiddush, please contact: Nancy Lord at or call Barbara Neiman at 518-477-9580.


Thanks go to Michael Roland for crafting, designing and installing the beautiful railing for our back ramp. His exemplary craftsmanship adds so much to our special new back porch ar ea. 

Thank y ou, Michael, and additional thanks for the fine work around our shul that Michael and Tom Seamon (our building committee) have completed during the last few months. Everything looks great. We know that there are several exciting new projects planned for our little shul. Kol haKavod, Michael and Tom!


 Kate Lozier - Tuff Bags fundraiser
 Maida Bogoslofsky - in memory of her mother, Gertrude Elenzweig Bogoslofsky and with appreciation for all of the wonderful events at the shul.
 Sid Markowitz - In memory of Isadore and Fanny Paley & Jack and Ida Markowitz
 The Family of George Sarachan - in memory of our parent Ezra and Sonya Sarachan, our sister Ann Beth Deily, Eda, Al, and George Kronman.
 Sidney and Anne Richter - in honor of our grandsons
 Laurie and Fred Kimmelstiel - Kiddush fund
 Rose Ann Roth - in memory of Marilyn Hochberg
 Bea and Zvi Cohen
 Ben-Ami Lipetz
 Charles and Nancy Noland - Kiddush Fund in honor of Pam Tatar, president of the shul
 Carol and Uriel Oko - in honor of Nancy Lord's speedy recovery
 Irving and Myrna Paris - Kiddush Fund, Hebrew School, and General Fund in memory of Anna, Clement & Morris Paris

Board Members
Pam Tatar, President               518-441-5062
Michael Roland                       518-766-4325
Danny Nerenberg, VP            518-674-1416
Laurie Kimmelstiel                 914-260-8860  
Barbara Neiman,Treasurer      518-477-9580
Nancy Lord                             518-495-9546          
Gail Agata                               518-758-9575
Faith Schottenfeld                   518-732-2191     
Barry Strock, Secretary           518-461-5009

May you be  written  and sealed  in the Book of Life  for a sweet 5778
Nassau Synagogue and Community Center  12 Albany Avenue,  Nassau, NY 12123  
Mail to: PO Box 670, Nassau, NY 12123-0670 | (518) 766-9831 |