We are happy to announce that we have professional video and audio recordings from this year's AERO conference! You can buy full sets of audio and video. Or you can get the audio and video separately. You can also buy individual keynotes and workshops, as well as the audio or video recordings of the mini talks.

You can choose between USB and DVD for the video and USB and CD for audio. If you chose USB that means we will send you a thumb drive that you can plug into your computer. These are available on the product page when you make your selection. For instance if you want to buy the full set of conference video and audio but want the video on a USB drive but the Audio on CD just select the USB+CD option.

If you want to order an individual workshop or keynote take a look at this scanned form and   let us know which one you would like in the notes on the order form. There are two DVDs of the mini-talks.

In the office now we have five thumb drives of full audio workshops and five video thumb drives of full keynotes, mini talks and the school starters workshop. We also have five sets DVDs of all the video. The first orders will get these within a couple of days. After that it may take a week or so. 

Jerry and Wylie

Jerry Mintz
Executive Director
Alternative Education Resource Organization