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The Importance of Widely Available Wireless Links for UAV Systems
David Weight (Principal Electronics Engineer, Waittcircuit)

Readily available, first-rate wireless links are essential for building and running safe UAV systems. David Weight, principal electronics engineer at Waittcircuit, recently shared his thoughts on the importance developing and maintaining high-quality wireless links as the UAV industry expands. 

"One of the major challenges that is emerging in the UAV industry is maintaining wireless links with high availability. As UAVs start to share airspace with other vehicles, we need to demonstrate that a control link can be maintained in a wide variety of environments, including interference and non-line of sight. We are starting to see software defined radio used to build radios which are frequency agile and capable of using multiple modulation techniques. For example, being able to use direct links in open spaces where these are most effective, but being able to change to 4G type signals when entering more built-up areas as these areas can pose issues for direct links, but have good coverage for existing commercial telecoms." Continue Reading
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CML Microcircuits recently released a new range of RF power amplifiers. The CMX901 is a three-stage wideband, high-gain, high-efficiency RF power amplifier IC operating over 130 to 950 MHz. The device is ideally suited for use in VHF/UHF radio applications ... Continue reading →...»

New Cyclone 10 FPGA Family

Intel recently launched the Intel Cyclone 10 family of FPGAs. Well suited for IoT applications, the new FPGAs are designed to deliver fast and power-efficient processing. They can collect and send data, and make real-time decisions based on the input from IoT ... Continue reading →...»

New Electrical Installation Calculation Software

Trace Software International recently released elec calc 2017, which is a software solution that enables the real-time sizing of electrical installations. elec calc complies with various international standards. Features, specs, and benefits: Calculations: power balance calculation; cable cross-section calculation; operating ... Continue reading →...»

D-Stick Simplifies Project Development

The ME Labs Standard D-Stick provides all the functionality of Microchip Technology's 40-pin PIC16F1937 in a hardware module that includes a USB on-board programmer and virtual COM port. It's a compact, easy-to-use alternative to connecting a serial port, programmer, and ... Continue reading →...»

Updated LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS

COMSOL recently updated LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS. An add-on to the COMSOL Multiphysics software, LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS enables a CAD model to be synchronized between the two software packages. Furthermore, it provides easy access for running simulation apps that can be used ... Continue reading →...»

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Flowcode 7 (Article 5)
Ghost Technology
Flowcode features several debugging tools designed to help you develop your programs, get them working reliably, and eliminate any bugs. The fifth article   in this series deals with the debugging features. 

In the first article in this series, you were introduced to Flowcode 7, flowchart-driven electronic IDE that enables you to produce hex code for more than 1,300 different microcontrollers, including PIC8, PIC16, PIC32, AVR, Arduino, and ARM. The second article detailed how to get working with displays in Flowcode. The third article detailed some of the more complex communications components, Modbus and DMX. The fourth article detailed the Matrix Industrial Automotive Controller (MIAC), which gives you the ruggedness and power of a PLC with the flexibility and ease of programming a controller. It covered how to use a MIAC and Flowcode 7 in an application. Read all the articles

Want a Free Trial and/or Buy Flowcode 7?  Download Now

Flowcode is an IDE for electronic and electromechanical system development. Pro engineers, electronics enthusiasts, and academics can use Flowcode to develop systems for control and measurement based on microcontrollers or on rugged industrial interfaces using Windows-compatible personal computers. 

Visit www.flowcode.co.uk/circuitcellar to learn about Flowcode 7. You can access a free version, or you can purchase advanced features and professional Flowcode licenses through the modular licensing system. If you make a purchase through that page, Circuit Cellar will receive a commission.
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