December 2017
Building Blocks for High Tech Ecosystems
With the sophistication of today's gadgets, it's easy to forget that the media transmissions that bring these electronic wonders to life are coming from heavy and rugged infrastructure: cables on poles or buried underground, transmission antennas on giant towers, and communication satellites in orbit around the earth.
Even more, it's easy to forget that these infrastructures (especially for wireless transmissions) are actually quite vulnerable, as evidenced by the destruction in St. Maarten, The U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico earlier this year. Read more from Myra Moore about the risks facing these infrastructures. 
The Skinny Bundle Opens Door to TV Ad Revolution
While on line advertising dollars have eclipsed that of TV, the latter still commands over $70 billion a year  
in marketing spend. And with the rise of OTT services and internet-delivered skinny bundles, TV players have the opportunity to create the same kinds of data-driven, real-time ad networks that have propelled online advertising to such great heights. Read more about the growing effectiveness of OTT advertising. 
VR's Rocky Road to the Mainstream
Most industry watchers believe that once innovators develop a content type that exploits the VR 360-degree format, it will entice mass curiosity and, eventually, mass adoption. Yet, VR suffers multiple format, ergonomic and technical issues that could delay or even permanently impede its path to the radio-TV-web mainstream. Learn what VR must overcome to generate mainstream consumer demand. 
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