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High-tech society with low-tech trucks: A dialogue for safer roads

By Will Ballas
Generation Next Governor-at-Large
The American Road Machinery Company

We are all guilty of it at one point or another - heads down and eyes fixed on a phone screen as we scroll through emails, social media, and anything else that distracts us from reality. This is commonplace and routine in our everyday lives - this high-tech, high-speed exchange of information. However, as we scroll and stroll, we seem to have forgotten the rule we learned as children: look both ways before crossing the street.

Because of high-tech distractions and human forgetfulness, there has recently been a rise in pedestrian and cyclist fatalities throughout America, specifically truck-related.

We can sit here and blame this emerging issue of pedestrian fatalities on cultural arrogance or social Darwinism, but organizations like the Volpe Center, a unique federal agency under the U.S. Department of Transportation, have taken it upon themselves to advance transportation for the public good, one safer truck at a time. Full story
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