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John Flores, Hamilton 7 th Grader, took First Place in the "Laws of Life" Essay in the middle school category. Congratulations, John!

Superintendent Jim Hogeboom also recognized three students in the
Product Design Class at NHS:  Max Kalinkin, Tom Nannery, and
Jack Mason.  Mr. Hogeboom lost his new glasses behind a wall at the
JCC and was unable to retrieve them.  He casually mentioned his situation  while visiting Mr. Corey's class and these three boys made a device  to retrieve the glasses from behind the wall.  They also made him a special  case for his new glasses.
Kessa Early, Marin Oaks Principal, was named Administrator of the 
Year for  District 3 of the California Continuation Education Association 
(CCEA).  CCEA recognizes those  individuals and programs that stand 
above their peers in providing excellence to students in California's 
continuation high schools.  Congratulations, Kessa!

For those who could attend, the Board of Trustees honored our Retirees and employees with 25 or more years with NUSD.  Congratulations to all!

     Retirees                                                25+ Years Employees
  • Full-time Athletic Directors:  The Board of Trustees approved the staff and the Athletic Task Force's recommendation for full-time Athletic Directors at each comprehensive high school in order to provide a high quality athletic experience to support our student athletes.  For more information and to review the job description, please go to Discussion/Action 13.b.
  • Approve CEQA Consultant for Proposed Stadium Lights at San Marin High School:  The Board of Trustees approved Rincon Consultants, Inc. to provide District assistance with the preparation of all documents and activities necessary for proper CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) compliance, including preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed stadium lights and public address system at San Marin High School.  For more information and to review Rincon Consultants' proposal, please go to  Discussion/Action 13.c.
  • New Board Policy 6152.1:  Placement in Mathematics Courses:  Julia Kempkey, Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction, presented new board policy 6152.1 as a first reading. The California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 (SB 359, Ch. 508) was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on October 5, 2015, and took effect on January 1, 2016. This bill emphasizes the importance of providing students with access to mathematics courses that prepare students for college and career. Further, it is the intent of the bill that all students should have the opportunity to excel in mathematics.  For more information, please go to Discussion/Action 13.g.
  • Educator Effectiveness Funds Plan:  Julia Kempkey, Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction, presented the plan for the Educator Effectiveness Funds amounting to $644,559.  On September 22, 2015 Governor Brown signed SB103, the Education Trailer Bill, into law, which contained revised appropriation language for the $490 million to be disbursed to local educational agencies for the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of teachers and administrators. These Educator Effectiveness funds may be used to support the professional development of certificated teachers, administrators and paraprofessional educators.  For more information and to review the Funding Plan, please go to Discussion/Action 13.e.
  • New Course Outlines:  Megan Pettis, Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction, presented new course outlines for AP Calculus BC, AP Comparative Government, AP Computer Science, Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, Contemporary Global Issues, Robotics, Senior Engineering STEM, The Physics of Making Things, The Technology of Biology and ELD Summer Intensive Course.  The Board of Trustees approved the course outlines.  To review them, please go to Discussion/Action 13.f.
  • Approve Renewal of Novato Charter School K-8Every 5 years, the renewal of the Novato Charter School comes before the Board per California Ed Code which permits a chartering school district to grant the renewal for five years.  The Board of Trustees approved the renewal which includes a new Memorandum of Understanding and Lease/Facilities Use Agreement at Hamilton.  For more information, please go to Discussion/Action 13.d.
Future Board Meetings:
5/21/16      Special Board Meeting, 9 am - Noon
                     Facilities Workshop
6/14/16      Regular Board Meeting, 7 pm Open Session
6/21/16      Regular Board Meeting, 7 pm Open Session
Are you interested in receiving advance notice of the Board agenda and its reports?  If so, please email Gladys Batz, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, at gbatz@nusd.org and say you want to be added to the email list.  Ms. Batz sends out the link to the agenda and board reports for the upcoming Board meeting the Friday before a regular Board meeting.  The agenda and associated board reports can also be found on AgendaOnline.   The link can also be found on the homepage of the NUSD website (www.nusd.org) under Quick Links.