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Hold the Coast Guard Accountable for Shutting Down
 the Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Shoots


In our ongoing battle to have the United States Coast Guard shut down the pigeon shoots held by the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC), we have released the following YouTube video exposing the issue and asking people to contact the Commandant of the Coast Guard.
Corruption in the United States Coast Guard?
Corruption in the United States Coast Guard?

As you will recall, SHARK discovered a letter written by the Coast Guard that said in no uncertain terms that the PGC could not shoot over the Delaware River, a public waterway, without a safety zone. As the PGC does not have a safety zone, they must not be allowed to hold shoots. It's as simple as that, yet the Coast Guard is doing nothing. That's where you come in.

Please call the Commandant of the Coast Guard and politely ask that the Coast Guard not allow the PGC to hold any more shoots on the Delaware River.

Commandant of the Coast Guard
Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr.

Kindest Regards,  

Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

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