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ToolHound equipment management system boosts security and efficiency for large diamond mining operation with RFID tool tracking technology.


The mining operation in Canada was faced with the challenge of tracking and securing mining tools that are in use round the clock. Because workers require 24/7 access to the equipment, staffing a full-time tool and equipment room attendant was not practical. However, the company needed to protect their investment in valuable tools.


The diamond mine selected ToolHound's secure RFID tracking solution for mining, deploying the ToolHound SecureCrib™ kiosk. The fully automated ToolHound tool inventory system allows workers to quickly check out and return the equipment they need from the unmanned kiosk, and each employee is responsible for the tools they use. Read more...

Happy Holidays!

A special greeting at Christmas time to express to you our sincere appreciation 
for your confidence and loyalty. 

We are deeply thankful and extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season. 

May peace, prosperity, and happiness be yours throughout the holidays and new year.

-ToolHound, Inc. 

*In the spirit of the holiday season, ToolHound will be closed from noon on December 24th and reopening January 5th.   For technical support emergencies between those dates, email 

2015 ToolHound User Conference

 Please mark your calendars for the ToolHound User Conference planned for March 2015. The ToolHound User Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the ToolHound 5 platform while connecting and sharing experiences with other ToolHound users.  Stay tuned for more details.

Final ToolHound Desktop End of Life Notice

We would like to remind everyone that effective December 31, 2014, ToolHound will no longer support ToolHound Desktop. 

First released around 1990, ToolHound Desktop has provided excellent value to thousands of customers over its lifetime but the product line has declined due to the superior performance of the ToolHound 5 Cloud and On-Site. Customers with active support contracts can upgrade to ToolHound 5 for a reduced price. Contact us for more information.


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