Dear Colleagues,

I have spent nearly a year with all of you here at the College of Medicine. I have enjoyed getting to know each of you and have been continually impressed with your dedication to our College. I wanted to personally extend my thanks to you for all your hard work.
Whereas this is the time of year for reflection as we gather with friends and family to enjoy the holiday season, we also should be aware that this time of year can also be a source of stress. 

So, as we give thanks and enjoy our family time, I encourage all of us to reach out with kindness to members of this community who may be feeling fearful or anxious - for themselves and/or their loved ones.  Inclusion, pluralism, integrity, compassion, and respect are cherished hallmarks of the College of Medicine.   

Let us all be examples on how a diverse and inclusive community is a stronger community. 
I wish each of you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.

Arthur J. Ross III, M.D., M.B.A.
Interim Dean and Professor
Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine | Dean's Office