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The Chair's Corner
Holiday Preparations
December 15, 2016
Deck the Halls
Getting ready for the holidays is similar to getting ready for elections. It requires a plan, a strategy and organization. It takes time; it takes money; and it can be fun, if you do it right! However, when it comes to decorations, former State Representative Harryette Ehrhardt wins the prize, hands down, for the best decorations, inside and out!

So Many Parties
The holidays are in full swing. In the past two weeks, various elected officials, Democratic clubs and related organizations scheduled over 10 holiday parties. These parties put the "party" in the Dallas County Democratic Party (DCDP). The best part of holiday parties is the opportunity to socialize with fellow Democrats, to get to know them better, and to indulge in personal, as well as political conversations. During the holidays and prior to elections, parties give us an opportunity to meet new friends and learn more about those we already know. These are the Democrats with whom we have worked all year, and with whom we will work again in 2017.

Don Our Gay Apparel
People look and act different when they wear their holiday clothes and accessories. During the holidays, we often wear things we would never wear any other time of the year. Granted, there are still "ugly sweater" contests but, during the holidays, and at fundraisers, we try to look our best.

Make a Statement
A favorite pastime during the holidays is to cruise through neighborhoods and look at the lights and other decorations. The owners of these decorated homes are making a statement, just as some homeowners post political yard signs in their yards prior to an election. Political consultants tell us that "yard signs can't vote." Yes, that's true, but they, nevertheless, make a statement.

Making a List
It is said that Santa is "making a list and checking it twice; gonna find out who's naughty and nice." Interestingly, that's what voters do. We look over the track records of our elected leaders to determine whether we will vote for them again. Luckily, our Dallas County Democratic elected officials make us proud. However, there are more than a few officials from the other party who give us inspiration to put "coal in their stockings."

All is Calm
During the holidays, we take time out. We have worked hard, and we deserve a break. For this reason, and because so many of you will be out of town and/or visiting loved ones during the next two weeks, we will hold off on sending you another Chair's Corner article until the first week in January.

Resolutions: The year end is when we reflect over the prior year(s). We analyze what worked, what didn't work, and we make our plans for the future. We count our blessings and we look forward to the year ahead. This year, in particular, we, Democrats, are looking ahead. In Dallas County, the stage is set. We have come so far, and we are ready to go places we haven't gone before. Join us, and help us accomplish our goals. You can do so by:

Yours Democratically,
Carol Donovan, DCDP Chair

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