Holiday Teleseminar !!

Does part of you dread the holidays? Fearful of reactions, hurt about the lack of support and overwhelmed with the all of the extra work and vigilance required?

Imagine - a happy, calm holiday season where your children are safe and included. Let me show you how!

Does this sound familiar?
  • You're invited to holiday parties but have no idea how to explain why it feels impossible to come with a severely allergic toddler?
  • Your mother-in-law or sister bake dozens of unsafe cookies and don't understand way you can't allow your child to partake of her so-called "safe" cookies.
  • You're biting your nails all day wondering if an untrained parent will serve your child cross-contaminated food during a classroom party.
  • You're sick and tired of people (even your husband) telling you to relax or that you're too uptight!
  • Your heart is broken when your son or daughter realizes that none of the cookies, candy or desserts on the buffet table is safe for him.

If these sound familiar, you're in the right place!

Join us for our Holiday Teleseminar
Wednesday December 1, 2010

2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific

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Baking Safe Treats!I'm Gina Clowes, Professional Coach and Director of Nine years ago, after months of conflicting diagnoses, my son Daniel was diagnosed with over a dozen food allergies. We were told he was never to be without two Epi-pens at all times. I felt scared and alone and wondered how we'd ever really celebrate another holiday.

The first holiday season after my son's diagnosis was filled with fear, and sadness. I expected those closest to me to understand, but that was not the case. It seemed that friends and family were prioritizing food over the needs of my son! I didn't realize then that there were things I could have done and things that I should not have done that would have made a real difference.

Fast forward nine years, and everything has changed!

My to-do list is cut in half, my extended family (well, most of them) understand my son's allergies and accommodate him. His school parties are safe and inclusive.

We have adjusted on a practical and emotional level. We are back to celebrating joyful holidays. You can have this too!

Let me answer your questions and share simple coaching tools to lighten your load, and help you to get the support that you need.
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Here is what other's have said about Allergy Coaching:

Allergies Don't Have to Define My Son.

"I walked away as if I had taken a big sigh of relief. Like "I can do this. We will be OK."

I knew Gina knew what she was talking about. I could tell that she was confident in what she was saying and that her information was solid.

I really appreciated the "inside" information. The mom-to-mom information.

I feel like this is a priceless service!"

- Jennifer Hultman
Austin, Texas

I only wished I'd have known Gina when my son was first diagnosed. She would have saved me hours and hours of research.

"Gina's knowledge of products, research, books, websites, and how to work with schools makes her a walking encyclopedia for those of us in the allergy world.

The doctor gives you the diagnosis and poof, you're on the way. A few hours of coaching and you are armed with the information, resources, emotional support and confidence to handle food allergies."

- Jane Dixon
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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You will learn:
  • How "what's hiding under the covers" is actually keeping your friends from understanding and supporting you.
  • Why negotiating with other classroom parents may be the worst thing you can do for your child.
  • Why your husband would LOVE you to be more selfish!
  • How a weekly "pity party" may be just what the doctor ordered.
  • The simple tool that had my sister on the phone with me apologizing in 5 minutes after an eight month stalemate!
Sign up HERE with your name and email address! Include your questions about food allergies and the holidays.
Here's what other parents have said:

The coaching was incredibly valuable and with absolute certainty, the most help/assistance I've received.

I have felt that I have "hit a brick wall," in terms of how to develop better coping mechanisms. Through speaking with you [Gina], I was able to "try on" a different perspective.

It was wonderful to speak with someone who has empathy and coaches from personal and field specific experience.

- Liz Saliba
Cincinnati, Ohio

Gina, you are an amazing woman and a divine inspiration!

You are truly living in alignment with what the universe has intended for you to be doing with your life and making the world a better place in the process!

Thank you for your guidance and support!

- Gabrielle Freels
Bridgeville, Delaware
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