Nominate a

Family in Need

If you know a Minnesota person or family who has  been effected by a house fire or burn trauma and they could use
a little bit of cheer this holiday season,
please nominate them by 
December 20, 2016  here.


The dedication of the Firefighters for Healing Family Room.
This room is now available in the
Burn Unit at HCMC.
Family members havea  quiet place to rest, talk and just be together and away from the noise of the floor.
It's because of YOU
this became a reality.

On December 6,  Firefighters for Healing  brought gifts and smiles to patients and their families on the HCMC Burn Unit. "We wanted staff to feel our love and support,  patients to feel a moment of relief , families and caregivers to see a good deed and volunteers to feel energized to do even more," explained Founder Jake LaFerriere. "The age range of patients and stories of how they are burned or scalded from hot water compounds the emotions we all experience each year we do this. Our only wish is to  bring joy & hope in the midst of what can be an extremely painful time - both  physically and emotionally for these patients and families."

Thank you to our sponsors, donors & volunteers who support us and share our passion for compassion.

We  will try to bring you personal wellness tips to help reduce your stress and risk of injury or illness. This month we focus on the holidays: Shopping, wrapping, baking, planning, spending, hosting, cleaning, Elf-on-the Shelf-ing, decorating, With all of this outgoing energy, we need to manage the "fuel". What we can miss is that no one enjoys it if it is at the sacrifice of mom's (or dad's) joy. All year we give of ourselves and we get to the end of the year and it seems we have  one final epic push  that leaves us feeling exhausted and unappreciated. Click here for the full blog entry.

Be attentive! Be careful!

The weather outside is getting cold! The furnace is on and maybe you have a fireplace, or space heaters, to supplement the heat. Heating equipment is the leading cause of home fire deaths - and half of home heating equipment fires are reported during the months of December, January and February.  Be careful!!