10th Anniversary, Graduation, Reunion party
Holy Cross Celebrates 10 Years

Can you believe it -  Holy Cross has completed it's 10th year.  This is a wonderful testament to the hard work of many staff, the generosity of many supporters and the sweat of many volunteers. Our reward is the many smiling faces in the classrooms, hundreds of hugs for those fortunate enough to visit, and of course now the many tall, strong, confident graduates entering the work force, starting families, continuing their educations and just getting on with life.

Please read and enjoy a little of the success with us. 

Graduate Reunion
Holy Cross has graduated 9 classes, and it was time to gather the graduates together to find out what they're doing now. Forty five graduates came, and many are now working or continuing their studies.

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Senior Graduation
 Our 10th Anniversary class was our biggest yet - 42 students took to the stage to graduate.

We wish you well in all your endeavors.

Preschool Graduation
Preschool graduation is always a special event with parents and students dressing their best for the ceremony and meal together afterwards.

The teacher made a special effort to award each student not only for graduating, but also for their positive personality traits, like sharing, being friendly or always trying hard.  What a special night.
Mrs Grace Remembered
The last 10 years would not have been possible without the hard work of our former principal Mrs Grace Williams.  She had a passion for education and the ability to understand, reach and help those who were in tough circumstances.  

She is fondly remembered, and now the Grace Williams Memorial Scholarship will continue to support students in her memory.
Looking Back
10 years ago the first classrooms were built and Holy Cross began. If you don't already know the story you are missing out. Why not head over to the website and enjoy a great read.

Stroll down memory lane here
So thank you all for supporting us over the last 10 years. Without you it would not have been possible to feed, educate and bless the thousands of children who have come through our doors. 

Our vision is strong for the coming years and we are excited to continue to share the journey with you. 

Have a wonderful summer. I'll be in touch again in the coming weeks with progress on our summer activities.


Lydia and the Holy Cross Team
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