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Strictly Medicinal Seeds Newsletter
November, 2017
We are happy and busy
here in Southern Oregon, growing and shipping MEDICINAL HERB SEEDS and  LIVE ROOTS.  Feel free to take advantage by clicking  Strictly Medicinal Seeds.  The harvest is in, and medicine making is a timely endeavor. Make the tinctures according to the individual requirements of the different herbs, and then squeeze out every last drop! By way of support, we've put both "Making Plant Medicine" and our tincture press on sale. Please hurry to take advantage, sale prices end in 2 short weeks! 

We look forward to hearing from you!  

Richard A. (Richo) Cech
Strictly Medicinal LLC

Kitchen Press On Sale!
Normally $995.00, now on sale for $100.00 off ($895.00) for two weeks only (Sale ends Monday, Nov 27, 2017)
MADE IN AMERICA by Strictly Medicinal, LLC
Currently available:  Press is fully assembled and ready to use, comes complete with extra hose and 2 pressing bags.  This is our KITCHEN PRESS, which is designed with the home-based herbalist in mind.  The press is for pressing out herbal tinctures, infused herbal oils, and juice from any botanical you can mash prior to pressing, such as carrots, grapes, tomatoes, calendula flowers, chickweed-you name it!  Heavy steel construction, all stainless steel herb contact surfaces, 1/2 gallon per load, 2 tons of pressure, easy action, spring-loaded return, wide base for solid seating on kitchen counter. 

Making Plant Medicine on Sale!
normally $24.95, now on sale for $5.00 off ($19.95) for two weeks only (Sale ends Monday, Nov 27, 2017)
"The original, complete, engaging and easy-to-use herbal medicine making book!"
This is our flagship book, first published in the year 2000 and now in its 4th edition. Making Plant Medicine is a friendly, fun and easy to read book about making herbal tinctures, vinegar extracts, glycerites, teas, decoctions, succi, syrups, oils, salves, creams, poultices, compresses and soaks. Step-by-step recipes are given with instructions on how to make high quality and consistent products from your own home harvest, taking into account the properties of the various herbs, to make safe products for home health care. The "how-to" portion is followed by a formulary covering 143 herbs, from common to rare, that can be grown in temperate gardens. The monographs cover: nomenclature, parts used, formulas, practical uses, dosage, contraindications and a review of related species. The book is crammed with personal anecdotes and stories to bring the processes home. Expect reams of specific herbal information, augmented by an extensive glossary of terms, plant index and general index. In the words of the English Herbalist Mike Brook, "Making Plant Medicine has been to bed with me, what more can I say?" 

It's ON!  The time to start planting seeds is NOW!
Free shipping on domestic
seed packet orders over $10

We're planting plenty of seeds right now in the pre-winter-solstice window of opportunity, and we encourage you to do the same.  The new seed is in stock--order early, take advantage of the free shipping, and get a jump on the busy season.  Order now, stress less.  We specialize in seed of medicinal herbs and permaculture perennials; plants common, rare and unusual. We grow, winnow and package our own seeds.  This is core to our credo--we are the seed company we wish we knew 30 years ago when we started this work.  Now we know, it is all about quality.  Our collection includes over 1,000 species and is growing as we speak. Keep growing, seeders, it is one of the only truly effective paths to support our good mother earth.  Grow with abandon, without attachment, and keep the love flowing!

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Forest Roots
The most effective way to get forest roots going in woodland or shade garden is to plant them now! Rake back the mulch, dig a shallow hole, nestle the roots in with buds pointing up and rhizome horizontal to the ground, fill soil all around, pat it down, and replace the mulch over the top. Valuable plants like Goldenseal, Black Cohosh and Solomon's Seal may be marked with a sturdy stake and a plant label to assure that they are recognized, tended and appreciate when they emerge come spring. The old adage about perennial plants sometimes applies: "First year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap." But in actuality we often get flowers and fruits on our goldenseal the first year after transplant. Working with live roots in the fall assures success on a shoestring!

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May you all plant diversity onto the landscape and sow seeds of food and medicine to feed body and soul of self, family and community. Whether you do it purposely or by chance, may you all plant trees that kiss the sky.

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