February 15, 2017

ROSEVILLE - The North State BIA released its January New Home Sales Report today, with homebuilders recording 441 sales from 138 reporting communities in the first month of 2017.

"I don't think our industry could have asked for a better start to 2017," said Andy Davidson, the 2017 BIA Chair and VP of Construction with Anton Development Company. "This is the best January our industry has seen in a decade and we hope its a sign of things to come for the rest of the year."
January Sales Best Since 2007
Although still a ways off from the 702 sales high point of January 2007, the 441 sales tallied by homebuilders last month still represents an extremely strong month for the industry. Year over year, this January added up to 148 more sales than last.
Number of Communities Reporting Remains Consistently High
The number of communities reporting sales is a good overall indicator of how the homebuilding industry is fairing. January's 138 communities reporting is the highest such number since January of 2009, when 151 communities reported sales.
Traffic Report
Traffic - the literal number of people who visited a new home community - is a tangible economic barometer that homebuilders use to gauge the state of the housing market. In January, 16,811 consumers made their way to a new home community - that is the highest January traffic recording since 2007.
New Home Sales by Region  
The North State BIA's monthly New Home Sales Report is compiled through a collaborative effort between association staff and homebuilders, who provide weekly reports based on escrow closings. The chart below breaks down regional sales for January 2017.
Price Point Data
As part of its monthly sales analysis, the North State BIA also records the price points for new homes sold. The January 2017 price points for new home sales can be seen in the chart below.
BIA Data Note
The North State BIA's sales figures represent the majority of production homebuilders in the greater Sacramento region.

Regional Permit Data
The California Homebuilding Foundation's (CHF)   Construction Industry Research Board (CIRB) regional permit data for January can be viewed here.

Permit totals are subject to change due to post-reported County/City activity and/or post-adjusted data submitted to CIRB by the reporting municipality. CIRB statistics are formally published at the end of the month in the California Construction Review (CCR) report. Please contact (916) 340-3346 or CHF-CIRB@mychf.org for additional information.
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