December 2014
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Homelessness in North Dakota


Economic growth in North Dakota has been a subject of national attention for the past several years. The number of jobs has increased significantly, and a number of areas have seen an increase in population as new residents move to the area. Since about 2005, population growth in the state has also resulted in an increase in the homeless population of both genders. While one cause of the increase can be attributed to people coming from out of state to look for work, there are a wide variety of factors which can lead to homelessness including illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and lack of affordable housing options.

As a response to this situation, there are many service providers and organizations in North Dakota who try to address the needs of the homeless population.

In this month's For Discussion column, Sharz Miar, from the YWCA Cass Clay, shares how one program (their annual Unique Boutique event) helps to bring a little brightness into the lives of the women and children staying at their emergency shelter and supportive housing units.


Michael Carbone, from the North Dakota Coalition for Homeless People (NDCHP), joins us in this month's Ask a Researcher column to provide information about a new program being rolled out in North Dakota called the Coordinated Assessment Referral and Evaluation System (CARES) that looks to change how the unmet housing needs in North Dakota are assessed and addressed.


For Discussion
Giving the Gift of Hope for the Holidays 

In addition to providing shelter, food, and clothing at their emergency shelter, the YWCA Cass Clay utilizes a variety of different programs and services to attempt a comprehensive approach to assistance. Learn about the role of the Unique Boutique during the holiday season with Sharz Miar, the YWCA Cass Clay Communications Manager.

Ask a Researcher

Using Data to End Homelessness


Michael Carbone is the Executive Director of the North Dakota Coalition for Homeless People (NDCHP) where he serves as the coordinator for the ND Statewide Continuum of Care. Learn about CARES (Coordinated Assessment Referral and Evaluation System), a joint program of the North Dakota Coalition for Homeless People (NDCHP), the West Central Minnesota Continuum of Care (WC MN CoC) and the FM Coalition for Homeless Persons (FMCHP) created to improve the assessment of unmet housing needs.

Need Planning Data?
Learn how to navigate the website and apply data to program planning or development, a topic that any non-profit, for profit, or government agency can utilize. Join Gretchen Dobervich with the Minnesota-North Dakota chapter of the Alzheimer's Association in this video as she shares how she uses ND Compass for program planning.
New data available

A number of charts have been updated or revised within the following topics and key measures:            



3 charts under the Population Trends key measure



2 charts under the Disability context measure



2 charts under the Children with Working Parents key measure

1 chart under the Preschool Enrollment key measure

13 charts under the Low Birth Weight key measure



1 chart under the Median Income key measure

3 charts under the Poverty key measure



8 charts under the Obesity key measure

2 charts under the Health Care Coverage key measure



14 charts under the Educational Attainment key measure

3 charts under the Proportion of Adults Working key measure


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