Help us honor Chet Sidell!
Launching the Sidell Impact Fund and honoring Chet Sidell

Forty years ago, Chet Sidell founded KGR, an internationally known apparel manufacturing company based in Lawrence. Chet recognized the promise of Lawrence's mill buildings - the physical, underlying structure that just needed encouragement to prosper. Chet's vision, lifelong experience in the garment industry, and the potential of Lawrence led to extraordinary success.

Chet's leadership extended beyond developing his own properties, and he championed for civic and philanthropic efforts across the city. Recognizing the importance of place-based projects leading to fundamental change, Chet was an early supporter and investor of Groundwork Lawrence, helping us launch in 1999.

At this year's Glow Gala: Growing Minds, Cultivating Change, we're honoring Chet Sidell's incredible commitment to Lawrence. Chet foresaw the role Groundwork could play in the revitalization of Lawrence, and supported Groundwork as our role grew from environmental improvements to encompassing fresh food access and education and job training, all from a base of community engagement.  A mainstay in Lawrence philanthropy, Chet has supported causes and nonprofits throughout the city, being an advocate for many of our friends and partners.
Please join us on November 16 at 6:00 pm in the Everett Mill to honor Chet Sidell. The night will include raffle prizes, a silent auction, Eco-Art , and a tribute to our dear friend Chet. 
We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching the Sidell Impact Fund at Glow Gala.  The Sidell Impact Fund will support Groundwork to: 
  • Provide opportunities through a pipeline of education and career success.
  • Develop a new generation of environmentally engaged leaders and employable residents. 
  • Strengthen and expand the green economy.
Groundwork Lawrence, with support from folks like Chet and you, has worked in the community to reach these goals for the past 16 years. Purchase your ticket today to join us for a night of celebration.
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