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Hello and Happy upcoming Mother's Day (for those who celebrate it Sunday)!   


Mother's Day for many is a time of honoring and appreciating our mothers and what they have done and given for us.  This week, I wonder too if each of us could take some time to appreciate how we have mothered (and fathered) others and our own lives; how we have nurtured, cared for and brought our own selves into being.


So often we focus on what isn't going well, or how we are flawed as individuals and parents, but we rarely hug ourselves and say "Job well done!"  When we do allow in some praise, it's usually because others have given us recognition for something outward we've done. 


I'd like suggest we take part in a new tradition this weekend of being grateful for ourselves as well as for those who have nurtured our dreams into being.


Here's an inner affirmation that I find helpful to say:


"I am a loving and nurturing mother/father to myself and others.  I always do the best I can.  I am aware of my gaps and dedicate myself to my continued growth.  I am growing in my acceptance of myself and others each day."


This is a great start, I think, to being on the path of nurturing the essence of who you are and what you wish to be in this lifetime.  We came to this planet with some stretching to do, and we're certainly doing it.  But try as we might, we slip up.  Don't beat yourself up about it. Shine the light on what you want to change in your behaviors and life, and go for it. And ask for help when you need it. 


The most powerful approach I know in helping people overcome their challenges is facilitating their ability to gain an unshakable belief in themselves, a rich self-confidence and knowingness that they're amazing and special just as they are.  I've seen that when we trust our instincts and our own version of truth, and when we realize that we have the right to (and an essential purpose in) following our own unique path, we thrive.


So in honor of Mother's Day, I'd like to ask you to act as if you are the most powerful agent for creative change in the world - that you lovingly "mother" yourself and your life by:

  • Giving birth to your new ideas
  • Committing to positive growth in your life, each day
  • Watching over your ideas and your endeavors with love and care 
  • Protecting yourself and your visions from those who would keep you smaller than you wish to be
  • Taking care of yourself - nurturing your physical and emotional well-being

Let's take this Mother's Day as an opportunity to cherish not only our beloved mothers, but also ourselves, and all of those individuals who helped nurture our spirits and creative endeavors.  These individuals have helped us be all we can be, and for that, and for the positive energy they've shared with us, we are most grateful.


Thank you for reading and sharing, and being part of my community. I'm so appreciative!


Happy Mother's Day with love,

P.S. An absolutely beautiful Mother's Day gift is my friend Mary Lou Quinlan's new book The God Box: Sharing My Mother's Gift of Faith, Love, and Letting Go.  It's a transformational experience to read this little book, and it touches on so many moving themes and messages of love, hope, faith, and forgiveness.  And in its own way, it helps us heal.  Check it out! And stay tuned for my interview with Mary Lou on my ForbesWoman blog soon!

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