Course Reminders: August 29
Recordings of the August 28th Lecture

We had some early semester glitches with the recording of the August 28th lecture.    There was an audio recording of the entire class, but the video recording cut-out after the first 30 minutes.   The initial lecture of the course is similar from year to year, and last year's video recording is also available.

All the files are on the lectures page, and you may also retrieve them below:
Neurophysiology Modules

As a reminder, the neurophysiology modules should be completed by September 15th. Completion of these modules accounts for 3% of your course grade, and the content of the modules will be included on Exam 1.   Timely completion of these modules will allow you to better appreciate the material covered in lectures.
Groups for Problem Based Learning

You will be working in groups for Problem Based Learning Exercises.  By default, all School of Medicine and Bioengineering graduate students will be placed in a group led by Dr. Yates, and Biomedical Masters Program students will be placed together in a group led by a senior teaching assistant.

If undergraduate students would like to be in a group with particular classmates or with a particular TA, please complete this form.

Please only submit only one form per group.   You MUST have explicit permission to include any classmate you request for your group.