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"Why bother?"
Have you ever asked that? I do when I'm feeling dejected or facing the impossible - when I feel like my time would be better spent if I just gave up.
Hold on to that thought...
When Jesus was at the peak of his ministry, people couldn't get enough of him. This guy seemed to have the abilities and wisdom of God himself. Anxiously, people in masses began to follow him, waiting to see what he would do next. One day, a large crowd was gathered around him, and they were hungry.
With no way to feed them, Jesus' disciples were ready to send the people home, but Jesus had other plans. It was a little boy who offered Jesus five loaves of bread and two fish. We don't know much about that boy, but we can assume that he was poor because the bread he provided was barley, which was the most inexpensive bread at the time. He didn't have very much to offer Jesus, and maybe the onlookers laughed at the young boy.
"Why bother?"
But, the little boy gave what he had to Jesus, and Jesus took the boy's food - something that seemed so insignificant - and he fed everyone with it.
God wants you to bring what you have - no matter how insufficient it may be - to the table. It is not what you bring, but it is whom you bring it to.
"Why bother?"
Because God can do a lot with a little.
P.S. Want more on this story? Awesome! I'll be preaching on it Sunday morning at 10:30 in the Ames City Auditorium. Come and see!
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