This Weekend at Hope:   The Summer of Acts | What a Riot! | Acts 19:23-31
Happy Friday, Hope!
As we make our way through The Summer of Acts,we arrive at an interesting story in Acts 19. As the church is growing and more and more people in the city of Ephesus are following Jesus, it's having a negative economic impact on the people making idols to the Greek goddess Artemis.
The story provides an interesting backdrop to important questions for those of us living in a prosperous country. Are we aware (and do we want to be) of the ways following Jesus intersects with the way we do business? Do we view our jobs as a part of our faith, or do we live as though faith is for when I'm at church, and the rest of the week I serve a different master (See Matthew 6)?
I'm looking forward to helping us explore these and other questions this weekend. But, I have to look back to last weekend for a second ...
It was quite a Jesus Party on Saturday at the first Taste of Hope in Ankeny! Thanks to everyone who came (you blew away our best guesses on how the congregation would respond)! Thanks to everyone who came to worship at the 5:00 pm service on Saturday (we were in overflow - which reminds me, Saturday at 5:00 pm is a great time to worship!). Thank you to all the volunteers who planned and welcomed and served and helped in any way. You continually amaze me with your great ideas and joy-filled hearts.
Of course, that was on the heels of an incredible week of Vacation Bible School. Thousands of kids came. Hundreds of you volunteered. And, God was on the move, big time!
The great staff team serving you at Hope Ankeny has been at work planning the fall programs, mission opportunities and activities. There's sure to be a place for you To (be) Know(n). If you want to know more about what that means, check on the Hope Circle page on the website.  Registrations for fall classes will be online at the end of next week, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call the church office (515.964.5586) or email
See you at worship!

Pastor Scott

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