This Weekend at Hope: Here We Stand: A 10-Week Confirmation Refresher
A Whole New Way to Do Church |  1 Peter 2:5-12 
Hope Des Moines Family,  
Earlier this week, we all awoke to the terrible news of another tragedy in our nation in Las Vegas. Like many of you, I am filled with all sorts of emotions - anger, fear, and certainly grief. Those who lost their lives by this act of evil are not just statistics, they are people - God's children whom he dearly loves. Certainly there has been much written and spoken about in the news, not only about the tragedy, but the politics that surround it. Today, I want to offer just a few challenges to us as a community of Jesus followers as we respond...  
  • We mourn. Even if these tragedies don't affect us personally, as Christians we are called to "Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. (Romans 12:15). We don't let the darkness lead us to bitterness or numbness. We pray our hearts would break for those things that God's breaks for.
  • We remember. Many people are asking "Where is God in the midst of all this pain?" Right in the middle of it. We remember that we have a God who weeps with us (John 11:35), and who knows the pain of losing those he loves - having endured the death of his son Jesus.
  • We pray. Opposed to some opinions of the day, prayer is not simply some passive response. Prayer is powerful (James 5:16). So we pray. For the families of those who died and were injured. And yes, we pray for the shooter, and all those we'd consider our enemies. Even those we hate. I know, it's painfully difficult. But our Savior calls us to it, because it ends up changing us (Matthew 5:44). The same Savior who rescued us when we were his enemies in our sin. We also pray for revival in our cities and nation. For changed hearts - starting with our own. At a time when it's easy to point the finger of blame at everyone else, start by looking inside. Ask God to give you pure motives and rid your heart of the need to seek revenge or verbally attack those whose opinions differ from yours.
  • We take action. Please don't misunderstand. Many have been debating whether prayer OR action is the proper Christian response in times like this. Biblically, there is no argument. The answer is yes! Do both! Prayer (spiritual) or action (political/legal/social) are both effective ways to expand God's kingdom. Jesus calls us to shine our light in the darkness! That can happen in a variety of ways. Yet we always lead with love. Ask yourself: is this post/conversation/tweet/debate for the sake of gaining understanding, finding solutions, and building others up?
Even in the midst of the darkness, God's light shines. This was so evident this past Sunday as the Holy Spirit led us to offer the invitation of baptism for anyone who felt called. Praise God for 20 brothers and sisters joining the Hope family who came forward and were baptized for the first time! God's light still shines in the darkness. And in that we take hope. That death is not the end. Evil does not win. The light has overcome the darkness. And his name is Jesus. In him we take great hope!
It's going to be another great weekend at Hope Des Moines. It's a really good time to be the church. I hope you'll join us Saturday at 5:00 pm or Sunday at 9:15 or 11:00 am. See you this weekend!

Shoes for the Soul
Oct. 7-15

We are collecting gently used running shoes for Central Iowa Shelter and Services' running/walking club at weekend services through Oct. 15.

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Hope Leadership Conference
Wednesday, Oct. 11 - Friday, Oct. 13
Wednesday is focused on faith in the workplace at a one-day conference aimed toward empowering business and professional leaders. Leaders are also invited to join us for the second part of the conference, Oct. 12-13, for an opportunity for ministry leaders, pastors, staff and volunteers to learn together through large group presentations, workshops, and round table discussions.

IMT Des Moines Marathon Water Station
Sunday, Oct. 15, 7:30 am - 2:00 pm

Join Hope Des Moines alongside the Meredith Corporation as we support the IMT Des Moines Marathon. We are looking for volunteers to take one of three shifts at our water station, which is the last station for both the half and full marathon finishers. We are excited to cheer on those participating and support our city in this great community event!

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Third-Grade Bible Class
Thursday, Oct. 26, 6:30-7:30 pm

Parents will present new Bibles (provided by Hope) to their children during a brief ceremony, followed by a teaching time where children learn general biblical information such as how to look up Bible verses. They will also highlight some meaningful Bible verses that are frequently taught. It will be a special time that children and parents won't want to miss. Parents, please plan to attend.

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