This Weekend at Hope: The Summer of Acts | Where Real Men Stand Up | Acts 6:1-7  
Dear Hope Des Moines Family,
A pastor I know up north tried to have some fun with his community during the summer, knowing that the trend was for many people to skip church during the summer. He put a big sign in the church lawn that said, "Yes, we're still open!" There is, of course, the danger that we would somehow think that God takes the summer "off" -that somehow the Holy Spirit stops moving because our schedules change, vacations happen and the kids have lots of activities. However, we tend to see just the opposite at Hope each year! Don't get me wrong - take a vacation, take a nap, play with your kids, go on an adventure. But don't stop going all-in for Jesus! Praise God that couldn't be more true of you this summer!
  • This past Wednesday I stopped in to say hello to our new Creative Arts Team that is preparing paintings for a special artistic component to our Saturday, June 24 worship service - you won't want to miss it! And, if you're a creative type (artist, painter, photographer, designer, etc.), don't hesitate to email to get involved!
  • Speaking of June 24, our Hospitality Team is busy preparing for our Mega Meat-Up. It all kicks off at 4:00 pm that Saturday with cool treats, games, make-and-take art, and inflatables for all ages. Then join us for worship at 5:00 pm featuring many of our local artists! We'll round out the night with a grill out as well as more games and fun. You won't want to miss it! Volunteers are needed so sign up today! E-mail
  • This past week I was honored to sit in on a meeting of some of our awesome young leaders who are planning the launch of a brand new ministry to young adults right here in the city! Stay tuned for some great opportunities for 20- & 30-somethings in the near future!
  • Finally, this Saturday after worship (6:15 pm) we'll continue our Missions Learning Series with a special workshop on the topic of Fatherlessness. Luis Arredando, our cultural ministry coordinator, will lead a panel of local ministry experts on the importance of father figures and mentors in children's lives. Join us!
Needless to say, I won't be needing to put up a "we're open" sign any time soon. We're open all summer. Because God's on the move. And I love being his mission with you! Thanks for being a great church!
We'll see you this weekend for Father's Day weekend as we honor all men in our community and continue our series on the book of Acts. Bring a friend and we'll see you Saturday or Sunday!

Saturday, June 17, 6:30-8:00 pm

Join us for in-depth discussion and presentation on the topic of fatherlessness as a generational concern in our city. Learn from local experts in education, ministry and community organizations how you can engage in serving those in need.

Mega Meat-Up
Saturday, June 24, 4:00-7:30 pm

Join us for food, worship, make-and-take art, games and inflatables! HopeKids will be offered during the 5:00 pm service.

Vacation Bible School
July 24-28

Join us for an action-packed week and get "Soaked in God's Love!" It's a time both kids and volunteers won't want to miss. Through large group worship, music, skits, crafts, outdoor activities and lessons, we will explore five awesome stories from the Bible for children to learn and experience in memorable ways.

for children
age 3 - grade 5
a fun, interactive, Christ-centered mentoring program for children kindergarten - grade 5 
transport people to Hope Des Moines, have breakfast, fellowship, and small groups
for students entering
grades 6-12

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