This Weekend at Hope:  The Summer of Acts | When in RomeActs 28:1-6
Hello Hope,

Confession: I am a leadership junky. It's true. I geek out every year as the Global Leadership Summit approaches. I think I have been to Willow Creek six times and at the Hope West Des Moines simulcast site three times. I am always excited to see the line-up of speakers; what topics they will be speaking on; what businesses and churches they represent; and learning about a new perspective (or old perspective) on leadership. So why is that? Why do I geek out over leadership? I believe the why behind my love and passion for leadership has a lot to do with being a servant leader; that is, to put the interests of others before your own. It's what Jesus did throughout his entire life; even up to his death he was putting others first.

This weekend in Acts 28:1-6, you will hear about Paul becoming stranded on the island of Malta when the ship he was on breaks apart after striking a sand bar (remember that when you feel like you're having a bad day). Paul was a great leader and many followed him and became believers in Jesus.

But I want to point out another leader that shows up a chapter earlier. As the ship Paul is on begins to break apart (Acts 27:42), the protocol for prisoners on this ship (Paul being one of them) was to kill them so that no one would swim away. The centurion, who was in charge of Paul, would not let the soldiers do this. He ordered everyone who could swim to get to shore, and those who could not, find a piece of the wood and float to shore (Acts 27:43-44). The verse concludes by saying "...everyone escaped safely to shore."  

I was once told that if you want to know if you are a great leader, just look behind you and see if anyone is following. I am guessing that day, with the ship breaking apart and death seeming imminent for all, this centurion probably had a lot of people following. He was about saving their lives and not taking them.

So my question for you today is this: Who is following you, and where are you leading them?

As we sail ahead toward the launch of a new school year, Saturday services, new classes and new programming, we are in need of people who are willing to lead; people who are willing to step out in front and look back to see a multitude of HopeKids following; or a pack of middle school kids following behind at PowerLife. Maybe your gift is in sharing wisdom with our high school friends at Ignition. We are looking for great leaders who want to have impact in the lives of others. Do you want to know life and life to the full? Then jump into the game! You will not regret it.

See you this Sunday!

Chad Borgestad
Campus Minister
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