Hope Weekly
May 11, 2018
"God gave you two ears and one mouth." 
I have heard this bit of wisdom from time to time, often in the context of conversations with others.  I would like to challenge you this week to consider this in your prayer and devotional life.  When you pray, do you listen for God's voice?  In life are you taking the time and space to hear God speaking to you?
One of the central threads of the creation account is that God spoke creation into being.  God spoke to Abraham and to Moses.  God sent prophets to speak God's word to the people when they began to wander.  In John we read, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us."  Paul heard Jesus on the road to Damascus and Ananias heard the word of God call him to go and heal Paul.  Beloved, God has been speaking to us since the very creation and God continues to speak yet today.   
Do you listen for God in your life?  I think this is a skill that must be practiced and developed.  I think the temptation is to view prayer as a monologue to God rather than a conversation with God.  Are you so busy that you find it hard to listen for God's voice?  Do you have your life so filled with "noise" that you couldn't hear God's voice?
Just as you can see God working in your life and the life of others, work on listening this week.
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Calling All Graduates!
On June 3 we will be recognizing all graduates during each worship service and at a reception at 10am in the Family Lounge. If you have a graduate in your family (or are a graduate yourself) - whether it be high school, college, or a graduate/technical/professional school - please contact the church office with the name, date of graduation, degree, and a brief summary of future plans. 

Backpacks of Hope is wrapping up the school year
A huge thank you to everyone who has supported Backpacks of Hope, a feeding ministry for children at Old Orchard Elementary school. The school year is almost over, but we still need the following to finish out the year:
* 28 single serving boxes/bowls of cereal
* 28 cans of condensed soup or baked beans
* 28 cans of pasta                                  
* 21 containers of easy mac
* 5 cans of vegetables
Any additional items will either be kept for next year (if it has a long enough shelf life) or donated to a feeding ministry for the summer. Thanks to everyone for your generosity this year!!!!

VBS Registration is now open
June 18-22 from 9:00-12:15, kids can j oin us to explore Super Heroes of the Bible, and to discover our own Super Hero strength following God! Registration information is on the bulletin board! VBS is open to all children who are 3 years old - completed 4 th grade. Older children and youth are welcome to volunteer! Currently we are looking for volunteers for the decoration team, to be station leaders, shepherd guides, and helpers in all areas. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Pastor Kristin at                                           pastorkristin@hopetoledo.net or calling the church office.

ELCA Youth Gathering Stock Sale
The youth and adults who are attending the ELCA youth gathering this summer in Houston, TX are offering you the opportunity to invest in their experience by purchasing stock. You can find more details on the bulletin board outside the family lounge. There are envelopes with stock options from $5 - $1,000. By making an investment in the experience, you will become a shareholder in the trip and will be invited to a pre-gathering and post-gathering reception. You will also receive special greetings from Houston this summer. Please pick up envelopes off the bulletin board by May 20 and return by May 27.
Mother's Day Photo Op!
On Sunday, May 13 we will have photographers available to take free pictures of individuals, families, or groups from 10am - 11am. This is a wonderful opportunity to take a picture with your mother, to send to your mother, or just for fun! The pictures will be emailed to you later in the month.

Common Chords Concert May 20
Common Chords will be at Hope May 20th at 4:00 pm. The program will feature music and the arts to connect people across cultures. They will take us on a musical adventure with five notes and three chords that will span roots music from blues and gospel songs through bluegrass, doo-wop, Elvis Presley and Motown. The freewill offering will cover costs and then support the youth gathering in Texas.