I AM ...
"The Gate & Good Shepherd"
 Pastor's Preview:

Good morning, Hope folks!
Lots going on for us these days ...
Today is St. Patrick's Day (celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland - even though I'm not Irish, I'm wearing green in honor of that!), Lent and our I AM sermon series is in full swing, Spring Break is winding down, the Big Dance (national basketball tournament) is just starting (Go 'Clones!), new Life Groups are being formed on Tuesday nights during Group Launch, we've raised enough money in two weeks to build 21 new churches at $4,000 each in western Africa (with a goal of getting to 75 churches by Easter), we're just a few weeks away from announcing the launch of Hope's newest satellite campus, and planning for our Easter celebration at Hope is ramping up!
... And that's just the shortlist! It's a good season of life, and it's good to be the church! I hope we never get complacent about the blessings our Lord rains down on us, or his call for us to be non-conformists ( Romans 12:2).
When it becomes trendy to complain, we count our blessings! When others point self-righteous, accusatory and sanctimonious fingers, we offer Christ-centered and grace-based patient love. When the world goes dark, we let our lights shine. When division becomes the cultural norm, we counter the culture.
We follow Jesus, who always provides us and our world with a better way, a deeper truth and a more abundant life .
This weekend, Pastor Jeremy & I are preaching on how Jesus guides us on this way as the One who says, I am both the Gate & Good Shepherd (John 10:1-11). We'll take a quick look at some of the counter-cultural places Jesus leads his followers, but our primary focus will be on the way he ultimately opens some key doors for us, providing full access to places our souls long to be!
I couldn't be more fired up to share this good news with you, because I know it has the potential to make things better for us ... and the world around us!
Short and sweet this weekend. Church in 65 minutes or less, or your offering money back. Come & see! ;-)
Mike Housholder

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