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April 2017 E-Newsletter
Why We Do What We Do

"I have been a full time pastor for two years. When I came to the workshop, I had come to the point of drifting. I was seriously considering quitting. During the workshop, God called me to keep going with the ministry!" (Cambodian pastor)
45 pastors and other Christian leaders participated in the "Spirit-Led Living: The Spiritual Journey" workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (February)

In every workshop we conduct, there are always several pastors or leaders on the verge of quitting. Most of the participants have never been to college, let alone seminary. Yet, they must plant churches, preach, teach, and shepherd their congregations, lead men's and women's ministries, provide Christian education, and disciple youth. With so little education, they must rely on their own understanding of the Bible, their own Christian experience, and whatever guidance another pastor might offer them. They frequently feel isolated, overwhelmed and ill-prepared, yet there is usually no one else to call upon. On top of it, many are not paid enough to live on, if they are paid at all.
Then, when they encounter their own doubts, disappointments, disillusionment, and hardships, they have nowhere to turn for teaching or counseling. Many have no way to understand their spiritual and emotional turmoil. Most do not quit, but press on, weary, bruised, confused, and longing for something or someone to help them.

51 pastors and leaders participated in the "Spirit-Led Living" workshop             in Siem Reap, Cambodia (March)
The gravity of this situation is particularly acute in countries where Christians are in the minority, poor, and perhaps persecuted, such as throughout Southeast Asia. In both Cambodia and Vietnam, the Church is very young, with most congregations fewer than 20 years old. Until the mid-1990's it was illegal to form a church or conduct worship services in both countries.

The extent of the need for pastoral education and training is why Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries exists. We serve under-resourced Christian pastors globally, because we know that what we teach is extremely relevant and valued by the Christian leaders we serve.
These two participants also served as Tim's interpreter in Cambodia.

While in Asia, we conducted workshops in Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia so far this year. After every workshop, the participants make similar comments. They talk about how God used the teaching and spiritual practices to give them new life, hope, and fresh ways to go forward. Here are few sample testimonials from the pastors:
"Thank you for so many practical tools for the spiritual life. I have been searching for something like this for 20 years."
"One of the most helpful teachings this week was on how we can recover our heart for God. I was particularly touched by your teaching on Hebrews 4:16-17 today."  
"[Because of this workshop] I now have a heart to share this teaching on the spiritual journey and Spirit-led living with my church."
"If I had skipped this workshop, it would been one of the biggest regrets of my life. I learned so many things, such as the importance of committing to 'Yes' in my relationship with God. If we say 'Yes,' we have to do 'Yes.'"

I am now back in the United States for just 13 days. I will be teaching two different classes at Christ Presbyterian Church, for two weeks each, April 23 and 30. April 24-26, I will be speaking on The Spirit-Led Leader and Discerning the Will of God for about 100 American Baptist Church pastors at the Prairie Pastors Conference to be held in Omaha, Nebraska. Then I will head back to France to assist Jill as she leads the Cathedral Retreat in Chartres in collaboration with the Chemin Neuf Community (May 6-13). 
Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue working through all these upcoming workshops and ministries this month. We will return to Minneapolis on May 20 for the summer, during which we are praying for many open doors for me to speak on my new book,  Saying Yes to God: How to Keep in Step with the Spirit. It is due to be released some time in May or June. I will let you know when it is available.
Thank you for prayers, support, and love.

Gratefully in Christ's service,


Update on Jill's Health
Please pray for Jill's stamina and ability to minister well, especially given her continued struggle with lack of energy and ability to focus, stemming from her serious accident last September. She would particularly appreciate your prayers for her as she helps lead the Cathedral Retreat, which is very demanding and draining under normal circumstances, let alone for someone still recovering from a concussion (May 6-13). Thank you.

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