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The marriage of Travis & Lee Besel
The Fendler's selling their home and moving
Jessica Reich's twin babies going home

Carol Hassbaum
Rhonda Bartow
Joan Castellano
Clara Erickson
Samantha Luther
Kathy Goeggel
Kris Bowers
Phil Taylor
Doreen Pivirotto
Betty Zera
Fred Remmert
Linda Ford
Patty Brockmeier
Joanne Baehr
Eric Trickey
Tim Todd
Larry M.

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The Hansons
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Stephanie Lund
Pastor John Loum
Shirley Simon
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Sao Kosia
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Barb Smith
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Josh Smith
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Larry Tiemann
Erich Kaelberer
Brianna Lindsey
Norma Baccot
Joyce McCoy
Thomas Evans
Brian Healy
Roy Hesser
Bev Thomas
Molly Benally
Aniken infant having heart surgeries
Kristen Dattoli with auto immune deficiency

Our Shut-ins:
Shirley Simons
Betty Troutt
Lois Vahle
Henry Wirth
General Concerns:
Pastor Brighton's call to Timothy
Lindsey-actively being solicited by the Jehovah Witnesses, struggling with her faith
Nicole Woods last weeks of pregnancy
Emily Rall traveling
The people of Sutherland Springs, Texas

Rosie Nietfeld
Bible Readings for next Sunday
Old Testament: Zephaniah 1:7-16
Psalm: Psalm 90:1-12

Hymns: "Mercy", "Lord of My Salvation"
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This Week @ Timothy
Because We are Abundantly Blessed
Vital Signs
Sunday 8 a.m.: 94
Sunday 10:45 a.m.: 197
Monday: 37
Guests: 18
Monday School: 1

Week of Oct. 29th
General Fund Needed Each Week $9,758.48
General Fund: 
Dedicated Fund:  $870.00
Nov. 12 - Nov. 18, 2017
Front of Timothy


A Note From DCE Mark: Hope for the Best, and the Worst
You may have heard the common saying, "hope for the best, plan for the worst."  The idea is when you plan for the worst you will make it better or even survive a disaster that others may suffer.  How difficult would it be to have a plan for every disaster?  You cannot plan for what you do not know, and the variables are endless.  The other implication is that hoping is an empty activity that will be found only in good fortune.  Can we engage in preparations for best and worst case scenarios together?
I hate packing for trips.  My mind goes crazy trying to figure out everything I will need.  Ultimately I will always forget something, or bring some item that just takes up space and weight and never leave my luggage.  My Dad was quite the opposite, not worried about things like luggage.  One camping trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, he brought a backpack my mother packed for him that he never opened.  Yes, we spent a week in the primitive and beautiful lake country of northern Minnesota and he did not take a thing out of his pack.  He wore what he was going to wear, and cleaned himself and his clothes at the same time by taking a very cold jump in the lake with a bar of soap.  All the family camping with him were so curious about what was in his pack when we all arrived home with this infamous piece of unopened luggage . .. Continue Reading
2nd Annual Weihnachtsmarkt
Purchase space at Timothy Lutheran's Christmas Market!
Timothy Lutheran Church is hosting the 2nd annual Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) on Saturday, December 2.
To encourage more people to purchase booth space at the Christmas market, we have reduced the fee to $15.00 per space!
Contact your vendor friends!
The market itself will run from 11 am - 6 pm in the gated parking lot at Timothy Lutheran, 6704 Fyler Ave. There will be food & drink for all to purchase. The purpose of this event is to engage all ages in our neighborhood and surrounding areas. Timothy's beer brewers will once again create a variety of savory suds to sample in your purchased stein. Send your request for an application for a booth to Marla Steenbock at mjsteenbock@gmail.com.

*Roasters to borrow
*Large mobile fire pits to borrow
*Firewood- Donations
*Cash Donations
Please notify Marla Steenbock at mjsteenbock@gmail.com if you are able to help.

Women's Bible Class
Women's Bible Class on Tuesday, November 14th at Cheryl O'Neill's.  All are welcome!

Cookie Sale!
It's that time again!!  As the weather has turned colder, why snowflake-cookies.jpg not turn on the oven and bake some cookies for our Cookie sale at the Christmas market!  We have sold out the last two years, so I know shoppers really appreciate home-baked treats.  If you bake early, simply freeze; cookies should be brought to church by Friday, 12/1.  Questions?  Call Cheryl O'Neill, 314-352-9309.

The Pastors are Traveling!
Pastor Rall will be going to New Orleans this week from Monday thru Thursday for the Council of Presidents Meeting.  Missouri District President Hagan is unable to attend, so Pastor Rall as one of the Vice Presidents has been asked to take his place. Mary Anne is going along for the ride! Pastor Bill will be at the Tan-Tar-A Resort in Lake of the Ozarks for the Professional Church Worker's Conference.  He will be gone Tuesday through Thursday.
Advent by C  
andlelight just around the corner!
Signup sheets 
for Advent by Candlelight are in the narthex.  In case you're not familiar with this tradition, the event is for the women of Timothy (scho
ol age and into retirement!).  On Sunday, December 3rd, the first Sunday of Advent, we will meet in the gym at 6:00 p.m. for dessert and a short devotional program.  In the past, we have had women host tables of eight.  The hostess brings her fancy Christmas dishes and decorates with items from home and, of course, candles!  She also makes a dessert and provides a small, inexpensive memento (a bookmark, ornament or the like). This year, you will still be able to host a table, but we will also have many open tables which volunteers will "dress up"; we will also provide the dishes, dessert and favor. The signup sheet will have "OPEN" instead of a hostess' name. We will sing a few Christmas carols, enjoy a yummy dessert and hear a presentation by Noks Shabalala, a graduate student from South Africa studying at Concordia Seminary. We'll share more of Nok's topic in the next couple of weeks, but we wanted to be sure that you would put December 3rd on your calendars!  Hope to see you then!  Questions?  Please contact Jennifer Ebeling or Mary Anne Rall.

Gifts of Real Estate
Gifting an appreciated asset to ministry is the best way for generous stewards to avoid capital gain tax liability and receive a full gift value deduction.  Contact Kirk Mueller 314-704-4389 kirk.mueller@lfnd.org.

A Prayer for Veterans Day
Father, we could never thank our military men and women enough for their courageous service and sacrifice to our country and its people. Yet today we lift up our voices to express gratefulness and honor to these military troops both from the past and present. Show us ways in our communities, churches, and families to thank and love them better. Keep and protect these heroes and their families, in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.
from militaryfamiliespray.com
Parent Sunday School Connection for week of November 12
Lesson 11 Bible Story - Daniel in the Lion' Den - Daniel 6
This week in Sunday School
The Sunday School students study the account "Daniel in the Lions' Den" today. Jesus, who saved Daniel, would Himself be given over to the satanic lion to save the world. Parents could ask, "Who did God use to keep Daniel safe? How does God keep us safely with Himself?"
Memory Verse:
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:10
Youth Summit - November 18th
Timothy youth will be attending the Youth Leadership Summit at St. John's Lutheran Church in Arnold along with other area churches on Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 9:30am-3pm.  There will be great speakers,an opportunity to meet other youth, good food and snacks, spiritual growth and leadership building.  Talk to DCE Mark for more information.  If you sign up in advance - there will be no charge for you to attend.

Chick-Fil-A Calendars
Senior Youth Group selling Chick-Fil-A calendars.  They are $8.00 each and have a card that you register and you will receive a free food item each month.  If you have any questions see Mark Thompson or Tiffany Wohlstadter.

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays for Sr. Youth and College Age Young Adult Fellowship at church.  Our first gathering for those recently graduated from high school AND youth in grades 9-12 will be Wednesday November 15th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Timothy Lutheran Church in the youth room. FOOD & FUN!   Grow in your faith and in your friendships.  For more information contact DCE Mark and/or Sr. Youth Team.
Response to Lutheran Foundation's Matching Grant Challenge for Hurricane Relief Exceeds Expectations
When Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25th, it was clear that the damage would be extensive and the human need great. At Lutheran Foundation, we are blessed to have the financial capacity to step into that need.
With a desire to encourage giving from our Lutheran community and maximize impact, the Board voted to create a special, one-time matching fund of up to $400,000. Once Hurricanes Irma and Maria quickly followed suit, the magnitude of devastation became evident and they raised the maximum to $500,000.
Approximately 150 Lutheran congregations were invited to collect donations through the month of September, with a Lutheran Foundation match of up to $10,000 per church. Timothy's donations of $2,087 were given to the Texas District Disaster Relief.  The total of relief funds donated through this challenge is approximately $875,000!

Thank You Steve Meyer Event - Nov. 19 at The Stellar Hog
As you likely have heard, Steve Meyer has stepped away from a volunteer leadership position in our Sr. Youth ministry after 10 years.  A few weeks ago we presented Steve with a framed photo highlighting the impact of his ministry with statements of appreciation by those touched by his service.  We have also planned another appreciate event for Sunday, November 19.  We invite current and former youth, their families, youth team members past and present, church leaders and anyone else to join us for food and fellowship.  The event will take place at the Stellar Hog (5623 Leona St, 63116) from 3:00-6:00 p.m.  Visit, share, retell, thank, laugh, smile and appreciate a decade of serving teens on youth gatherings, servant events, Bible classes, farm days, and more!
Rall's Phone Numbers
The Ralls will be getting rid of their home phone (314-781-2177).  If you need to get in touch with Pastor Rall, please use his cell phone (314-443-6659) or Mary Anne's cell phone (314-487-7177).  Thank you.

Monarch Jewelry Christmas Boutique
Christ Memorial Life Team is having a Monarch Jewelry Christmas Boutique on November 17th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Monarch Jewelry takes old unwanted jewelry and repurposes it into one-of-a-kind creations. Many jewelry and gift items will be available.   Someone from Crisis Aid International will speak at 7:00 p.m.   All Proceeds go to Crisis Aid International "Refuge House" in St Louis  to support girls rescued from sex trafficking.
ISM Thanksgiving Feast!
International Student Ministry invites you to a Thanksgiving feast that is similar in spirit and purpose to the very first Thanksgiving! Share a meal with Americans and those that are new to this land!  November 18, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.;Concordia Lutheran Church, in Maplewood.  Email: ismstlouis@gmail.com by 11-12-17 to register!  If you wish, you may bring a dish to share!  This will be your best experience this Thanksgiving!
Save the Date    
Nov. 19, 3-6p.m.    Steve Meyer Thank you at Stellar Hog                                           Restaurant
Dec. 2, 11-6p.m.   Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market)
Dec. 10th              Congregational Meeting

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