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On June 7, 2013, Eugenio Mar�a de Hostos Community College of The City University of New York (CUNY) held  its largest commencement ceremony to date, conferring  a record number of  907 degrees in the New York City Center. Unquestionably, this was the high point of Hostos' 45th anniversary year.


This Commencement was also noteworthy in that United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was the speaker. Hostos President F�lix V. Matos Rodr�guez congratulated the graduates and welcomed their families and friends to the ceremony. The class of 2013 included 14 seniors from the Hostos Lincoln Academy, one of CUNY's Early College Initiative High Schools, who successfully completed the challenging college-preparatory curriculum that will entitle them to associate degrees after their high school diplomas are conferred.


Acknowledging Secretary Duncan's longstanding commitment to public education at all levels, particularly in economically challenged areas such the South Bronx, President Matos Rodr�guez said Hostos could not have asked for a more appropriate commencement speaker. Secretary Duncan, who played professional basketball in Australia, was also made an honorary captain of the Hostos Caimans basketball team.


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Lao-Tzu said, "The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." The celebratory completion ceremonies for CUNY Start and CLIP on May 14 and May 31, respectively, embodied the spirit of this well-known adage.


Angela R�os, Director of the Student Success Coaching Unit, coordinated these events in collaboration with Fatiha Makloufi, Director of the CLIP and CUNY Start programs, and her staff. The intent was to acknowledge and reward the 185 students who had completed their first CUNY Start semester and those who will begin their studies at Hostos this fall after completing CLIP. "It is very important that we let these students know they are special, and that their work and achievements do not go unnoticed," Makloufi said.







On May 22, 36 candidates for graduation from Eugenio Mar�a de Hostos Community College's  programs in Registered Nursing and License Practical Nursing programs received their pins in a ceremony that has become a time-honored tradition at the College.


In the College's Repertory Theater, these 20 new registered nurses (RNs) and 16 new licensed practical nurses (LPNs) were congratulated not only by their families, friends, and faculty and staff of the College, but also by Bronx Borough President Rub�n D�az, Jr.


Addressing the class, Borough President D�az called these nurses a vital part of the Bronx's revitalization. "You are not only the pride of Hostos, you are the pride of the South Bronx," he said, adding that they will play a crucial role in improving the quality of health in the borough and throughout the region.


D�az said that he felt compelled to address the 2013 Class after being asked to do so by RN graduate Jeannette Col�n when she and some of her classmates participated in the first-time Bronx Health & Wellness Summit at Fordham University's Rose Hill Campus.


Dr. Christine O'Reilly, the Coordinator of Nursing Programs at Hostos, congratulated the Class of 2013 and commended them for choosing a career in which they could serve others.


"You've had a little glimpse of what this accomplishment would be. Now it is time to begin to put it all that hard work into practice."








On May 8, 47 candidates for graduation from  Eugenio Mar�a de Hostos Community College's Dental Hygiene Program received their pins in the College's Repertory Theater. Along with Registered Nursing and Licensed Practical Nursing, Dental Hygiene has been a flagship program at Hostos for decades.


Assistant Professor Sandra Castellanos presided over the ceremony, with the assistance of Provost Carmen Coballes-Vega and Associate Professor Joyce Dais, Coordinator of the Dental Hygiene Unit, and others.


Dr. Coballes-Vega remarked how outstanding the College's 45th anniversary class is, adding that one day some of these graduates might find themselves back at Hostos, teaching a new generation of dental hygienists.


The Dental Hygiene Program at Hostos was conceptualized in 1969. Grant funding later provided a six-unit dental clinic and radiographic equipment. The number of units was subsequently increased to 12, and a modern 15-chair clinic was installed in 1992. In the fall 2005 semester, a state-of-the-art, 24 operatory treatment facility was opened, making it possible to serve a larger student and community population.


2013 Class President Lilibeth Solares thanked her classmates and all of her supporters for helping her to reach her goal. She also urged everyone to "live by choice, not by chance" and continue to advance in their fields.


On May 28, 208 of Hostos Community College's "best of the best" were recognized at an Honors Convocation in the College's Main Theater. These convocations have been a special part of Hostos' graduation ceremonies for almost three decades, with this being the 29th such event. Provost Carmen Coballes-Vega opened the event by greeting the attendees and congratulating the honorees for having achieved extraordinary excellence in and out of the classroom.


Along with the Provost, Hostos President F�lix Matos Rodr�guez, Vice President Esther Rodr�guez-Chardavoyne, Vice President Ana Carri�n-Silva, and Vice President Nathaniel Cruz presented awards from various departments and units of the College. 







For the very first time, Hostos Community College held a very special graduation ceremony for some very special students who took a huge step forward by earning their High School Equivalency Diplomas (GED) on June 19 as 135 students from 2012 and 2013 were celebrated for their achievements in the cafeteria. 


Participating were Zenobia Johnson, Adult Learning Center Director; Sheryl Smith, YMI IMPACT Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator; as well as instructors Anthony Acevedo and Hector Ortiz and other faculty and staff. Also included in the well-attended, and at times emotional, ceremony were graduates Brenda Santiago, an English GED student, and Zeferino Baez, a Spanish-speaking student. Both spoke about what earning their diplomas meant to them, their families, and most importantly, their futures.


The GED Program at Hostos is part of the Continuing Education & Workforce Development Department. Courses are designed to help students familiarize themselves with the format of the GED exam and skills in writing, language, arts, science, social studies, and mathematics. Counseling and college and career advisement are also offered.


"I am so proud of each and every one of our students," Zenobia Johnson, Director of the Adult Learning Center said. "This is a great day and I am glad that they are being recognized for their achievements. However, earning a high school equivalency diploma is just the first step. We see our program as a pathway to college, training and/or employment, and we hope that all of the students will continue on their journey."


Vice President of the Continuing Education & Workforce Development Department, Carlos Molina, praised the work of the students, many of whom are parents and working full time. Molina also singled out one graduate, 74-year-old Teddy Summers, who exemplified the "it is never too late" attitude. Molina urged all the graduates to follow their dreams, both academic and otherwise, and use their diplomas as a springboard to other great achievements.

"Find your passion and follow your dreams. Now that you have earned this diploma, you have opened the door to so many great things," Molina said. "I want you not to just walk through that door, but run through it."




Bill Sorice, Hostos Acting Coach and Stage Manager for the Hostos Repertory Company, is starring in the new award-winning indie film, Matt's Chance, which premieres in New York City on Friday, June 14, at the New York City International Film Festival.
In Matt's Chance, Sorice plays one of the leading roles as an Eastern European mobster named "Gabor." He co-starred alongside some Hollywood heavy-hitters, including Edward Furlong, Gary Busey, Margot Kidder, and Lee Majors.




Name: David N. Ramos

Studied: Forensic Accounting, Valedictorian of the Class of 2013


David Ramos has made the most of his time at Hostos Community College.


However, the Bronx native will tell you that life has not always been easy for him, in or out of the classroom.


Born with HIV, David never met his father, and his mother passed away when he was still a child. Now 26, he also battled and beat cancer when he was just 13.


Internal conflict eventually took its toll on David's grades in high school. He started his college education at Baruch, but eventually enrolled at Hostos in 2011. Here he immersed himself so completely in his studies that he graduated as the 2013 Valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA. With his Associate in Science Degree in Accounting for Forensic Accounting, David will go on to John Jay College for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics: Forensic Financial Analysis.


At Hostos' 42nd Commencement Ceremony, which was held in the New York City Center on June 7, David delivered a heartfelt and moving valedictory address that chronicled his struggles and triumphs. "Being named Valedictorian for the Class of 2013 means a lot to me," David said. "It shows that I have come full circle. I was an honor student in middle school, and was at the top of my class in my first two years of high school. But I allowed depression and anxiety to distract me from seeing my full potential. I was on a downward trend toward the end of high school until I eventually dropped of school altogether after my first year at Baruch College.

"The diversity of Hostos showed me that as long I worked hard and applied myself fully to every aspect of my life, I will be able to make it in society. It is an honor for me to stand at the top of my class because it shows that my hard work and my rededication to my studies paid off. I have not and I will not take this for granted. This honor makes me want to work even harder at my four-year school and to go as far as I can. I owe it to the Hostos community to achieve as much as possible."


Claude Fern�ndez, who was one of David's professors at Hostos, has no doubt that David has what it takes to be successful.


"David is a highly motivated and intelligent student who established an admirable academic record at Hostos. I was fortunate to have him in my accounting class and am confident that he will succeed in his future studies and business career. David exemplifies the talent that our students bring to Hostos, which we as educators must strive to develop."


David's ties to the College run deep. He was born in Lincoln Hospital and grew up quite near to the campus. He also has two close relatives who know from personal experience that Hostos can provide the foundation for success. His grandmother is the Hon. Carmen E. Arroyo, the first Puerto Rican and Hispanic woman elected to the New York State Assembly, and his aunt is New York City Councilmember Mar�a del Carmen Arroyo. Both are Hostos graduates.


After earning a bachelor's degree at John Jay, David hopes to pursue a career in forensic accounting, possibly working for the FBI, IRS or CIA. Forensic accountants work to detect fraud and corruption in companies and even within government entities. At a past job, David says he saw for himself the damage that fraud causes.


David won't begin his bachelor's program until the fall. During the summer, he would like to counsel other young people with HIV to show them that the disease does not have to derail their lives.


They can fight it, stay on track, and reach their goals.


Just as David is doing.

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An organization's heart and soul resides with its people. The leaders and pioneers who founded Hostos Community College and created its mission 45 years ago certainly understood that people mattered. 


We hope you enjoy 45 Voices, Celebrating 45 Years, a commemorative project that showcases just some of the many incredible individuals that make Hostos the diverse, strong and unique institution that it is.







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