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Seems like so many of our rescues come to us with sad stories. Not every dog is a full breed setter either. For instance last month Alexandra Beswick was alerted to two 7 month old lab puppies that were surrendered by their owner to a shelter. The pups were set to be euthanized when Alex stepped in, she found someone to pull them for the shelter and transport them to her. She then got them vetted and fostered until transport could be arranged to a shelter up North that assured her they had people waiting for puppies. And YES, both went to loving furever homes within a few days of transport!!! 2 more lives saved!  
Our 2017 Calendar contest ended on July 16th and everyone is a winner. Above & Beyond raised $8,629 for the medical fund for vetting procedures and treatments.
Thank you everyone for your votes and donations. The winner of the cover of the calendar is Sweet Maple , she was thrown out of a moving car when she was a pup. A Good Samaritan stopped and took her to a shelter where A&B was contacted. After they took her in it was determined she needed liver shunt surgery and her back was broken. Generous donations made it possible for Maple to get her expansive but ultimately successful liver shunt operation and a loving foster mom nourished her back to health. On May 22 Maple moved to her forever home in Kansas. Maple is not your usual English Setter, she loves the dog park and likes to go on walks at "Maple speed" making sure to always stop and smell the roses. Rather then chasing birds, she quietly sits and watches them in the backyard.
The next 12 top winners that will each have their own page on one of the months (chosen for the seasons shown in the photos) are Riley, Callie, Margo, Sydney, Jessie May & Gretchen, Molly, Beau #1, Beau #2, Isaac, Blue Parker, Abby and Danny. Every entry will be included in the calendar but with a bit smaller photo. Again, thanks everyone for your participation! 
Be sure to order yours today! These calendars are perfect for those hard to buy for setter lovers on your gift giving list. Hurry our supply is getting limited! Email to place your order.  Calendars are $20 each plus $5 shipping for up to 3 calendars.  Any qty. over 3 ships for a flat fee of $10.
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As reported in the July newsletter, the annual Volunteer and VIP picnic was a great success. Sorry you missed it?....well...You'll have another chance!!!  You've been hearing a lot about A&B's Paws Across America - Our first National event.  We are almost halfway to our goal of $22,000.  Hope you will join us as either an individual supporter or join as a team to raise funds for medical needs.  We have people participating in 23 states and Canada so far.  Our final event celebration will be a picnic and Chinese auction at Warwick Park in Chester County, PA on October 22nd.  Many of our picnic attendees thought it was great idea and promised to join us!  The Autumn weather and Fall colors promise a picture perfect day!  So save the date & do come!
Want to see photos? You can look at the photos on Facebook (Click here to view on Facebook)or you can (Click Here) to see them at the photographer's website and they are also available to purchase if you like. 
Above & Beyond Featured Volunteer - June VanDemark
You will often see June tagged on her Facebook account regarding a dog needing rescue.  [As written by June] I  was born, raised and still live in Delmar, NY, a town just outside Albany, NY.  I work at The Albany Academies, two private schools in Albany.  The Albany Academy, founded in 1813, and Albany Academy for Girls founded in 1814.  Lots of history here! 
I was drawn to the English Setter breed, 11 years ago when my lab/mix passed away.  Growing up we had neighbors with Irish Setters and I just loved those dogs.  I consulted with my veterinarian before searching for a new dog to rescue and he recommended English Setters as opposed to Irish Setters.  I found Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue, applied and was approved to adopt, and adopted Chester!  It was love at first sight.  Chester is now 14 ½ , has some health issues and has overcome a few over the years.  He’s an amazing dog, so amazing I ended up adopting Ellie in January 2006 and then foster failing with Fresca in 2008. 
My growing love for this wonderful breed and admiration for all those who help them, as well as how amazed I was at how many dogs end up in terrible situations, spurred me to offer to help the rescue in any way I could.  I started out at the “Happily Setter After” coordinator and then started to help out by processing applications.  My duties in the rescue have changed over the years, but I have continued to be the intake contact.  It’s not easy being the main contact for all the dogs in need, but sure is heartwarming when we have a wonderful family say yes to fostering!  It makes it all worthwhile to watch a dog go from death row, to flourishing in foster care, to being ready for adoption and then finally adopted!!
A&B volunteers are a special group of people.  We are always in need of help from making phone calls, to helping with fundraising, and of course foster homes are always in need!  If you would like to help us in any way, please contact a member of our Team!

When Dot came into Above & Beyond as a rescue, she was suffering from a horrendous case of heart worms. As you can see from the example photo on the right,  these had invaded her heart and migrated to one of her eyes. Following the intensive treatment to kill the nasty worms, Dot still lost the eye that was infected. Marie Gilbert and her hubby adopted Dot, now Juni and even drove nearly 6,000 miles round trip to take her to her new home in Oregon. What follows is an update from Marie regarding Juni's ongoing battle with the heart worm. Juni's echocardiogram today came back heart worm positive. A lingering, stubborn heart worm (possible a few more) haven't died despite intensive treatment. We were sent home with medication to treat our precious Juni.

Juni is a miracle considering how horribly she had been abused and neglected. When rescued and with her amazing foster family through Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue, Juni had been treated for months for a very large clump of live heart worm blocking her pulmonary artery. She developed hypertension. She lost her right eye. 
However, today she has no heart murmur or hypertension! She is a healthy girl beside the nasty, horrible heart worm. A slight ear infection but it is getting better. 
We are devoted to getting beautiful Juni well. We love her so much.

Her Heart worm case was so severe it is not unheard-of for it to take longer to kill them all. We are hoping that the prescribed Doxycycline slow kill and Heartgard (brand name) will rid her of all Heart worm.

Look at my gorgeous Juni, who has endured multiple, horrible, painful immiticide treatments, steroids, lost her right eye because a heart worm had migrated into it, as an ambassador for the preventative treatment of Heart worm! It is so important!!!*******

We are so grateful to Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue for rescuing Juni in time and providing the expensive and debilitating heart worm treatments. We are so grateful to Debra Lehman Westrick and Kevin Westrick who fostered Juni through all of her treatments, countless Vet and Specialist visits, comforted and loved a scared, very sick girl to the point where we were blessed enough to adopt her. Thank you also Jennifer Cloherty who also fostered and cared for Juni when first rescued. Thank you to those who discovered Juni and two other also very sick, traumatized dogs and transported them to safety and foster care. To all who generously donated for her expensive treatments. June VanDemark, Alexandra Beswick,Debbie Buskirk...... ALL with A and B, thank you! Juni thanks you all! ❤🐶

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue is a non profit rescue organization to which your life saving donations are tax deductible.

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