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Hi there!  


Once I get out of a routine... I have a devil of a time getting back into it.  Summertime makes it hard for me to buckle down, especially here at the lake. Vacation noises abound, and carry across the water right to my easily distract-able ears. That's my excuse for not sending the newsletter... and I'm sticking to it.  :)



Hot Off the Easel!

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep
"And Miles To Go Before I Sleep" 36x43" Acrylic on Canvas
(c)2011 Lauren Everett Finn

No... this isn't what it looks like outside....yet.  


This new painting was juried in to the Oliver Art Center's Annual All Media Show. Yippee! The show runs from Sept. 9th through the 30th. If you are in Frankfort, MI... you should stop in and see it. It's a very diverse and strong collection. I'm proud to be included.    



In A Cabin In The Woods
"In a Cabin In the Woods" 6x6" Gouache Ink Resist
(c) 2011 Lauren Everett Finn 

And this one was my donation to the Oliver Art Center's fundraising auction (formerly Crystal Lake Art Center) I understand it has a good home (Thanks Greta!)   


If you are interested in learning the Gouache Ink Resist process... I'm teaching a class  on November 7, at the beautiful new Oliver Art Center.... come and join me! 


Idea Spark-lers

Inspiration to use in your own creative work....

the color of..... "celebrate"


Here's a creativity exercise for you... What color would "celebrate" be for you? (Thanks QuinnCreative!) 

 the color of celebrate 

Because I think of "celebrate" as happy, and hugs, and cheers, and hopping up and down... that's what color it is for me. (lemon yellow, new gamboge, and opera pink)  


And do you think it's a coincidence that this color slightly resembles a cold crisp lager? hmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm thirsty. 



Now that you've expressed what you think the color of "celebrate" is (and it probably will be different than mine)....Choose some other words to make colors from. Here are some suggestions:

  • jealousy
  • heartache
  • dancing
  • quiet
  • peace

After you paint these, you could use them as the base for a collage or a painting about each of words you expressed so colorfully. :) 


Ok... this site is really fun. It's called "Choose Your Word...Give It a Color" Go HERE to play. Below is what color they thought "celebrate" is...  Have fun!  

 the color of celebrate    




2011...What I'm Celebrating...
Early in January, I chose a word to use as my theme for the year... It's "Celebrate"...

Here's a link to the explanation, in case you missed it. 


This week, I'm Celebrating:


  • gorgeous weather for friends and family to enjoy up here with us
  • helpers of all sorts
  • the 4 stooges putting up flags in downtown Honor (thanks Scott and Todd) 
  • less traffic, tourist season is slowing down
  • a dear friend home from the hospital
  • peaches...peaches and more peaches
  • my inclusion in the Oliver Art Center's all media show
  • breathtaking sunsets  and sunrises 
  • that first cup of coffee in the morning
  • windows open, breezes blowing
  • Dee-Troit Tigers!!!!
  • football season
  • a clean refrigerator 
  • coho salmon
  • people that wave
  • that little nip in the air    
  • reading a good novel that includes witches, vampires and daemons as we approach fall.
  • property taxes are paid...ew
  • that beautiful golden harvest moon  
  • a new wireless printer 


September 19, 12-4pm   (next Monday!) 

"Acrylic 101"    

ArtCenter Traverse City 


October 18, 12:30-4:30  

"Acrylic 101"   

Oliver Art Center (Crystal Lake Art Center)   


October 26, 10am-2pm

"Acrylic 101"    

ArtCenter Traverse City 


November 7, 10am-4pm  

"Gouache Ink Resist Technique"   

Oliver Art Center (Crystal Lake Art Center) 


November 15, 10am-4pm

"Acrylic Adventure"   

Oliver Art Center (Crystal Lake Art Center) 



January 23, 2012, 10am-2pm

"Acrylic 101"  

ArtCenter Traverse City   


February 2, 2012, 10am-4pm

"Acrylic Adventure"

ArtCenter Traverse City


February 16, 2012, 12-4pm

"Acrylic 101"  

ArtCenter Traverse City   


March 5, 2012, 10am-4pm

"Acrylic Adventure"  

ArtCenter Traverse City




If you think any of your friends might be interested, please feel free to forward this email.

Have a Great Week!