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Vol. 1 No. 10
October 2010
So much to do, so little time. I can't believe October is here and I haven't had a newsletter since July.

The July Trivia Contest winner is Sharon from Olney, MD. Two wins in a row! C'mon and play. It's easy to win a free book! Sharon gets a free copy of, Fisherman's Bend, by Linda Greenlaw ($24.95 value). Look in the sidebar for this month's Trivia Question.
FREE Books
I've been following @thebookmaven for awhile on Twitter, and she's been asking people what they're reading on Friday. Friday Reads has grown in popularity, and last week she reached 1,700 reads. I'm so convinced she'll reach 2,000 this Friday, I'm offering up to $250 in free books to get her there. Go to Twitter, use the hashtag #FridayReads and tell her what book you're currently reading. Audio books count, too. She will draw winners at the 500 mark ($25 worth of free books), 1,000 mark ($50 free books), 1,500 mark ($75 free books), and the new record of 2,000 ($100 free books). Tell your friends, your family, and register yourself. Give a tweet out to @thebookmaven and let her know how you heard about Friday Reads, and show your appreciation for reading. Happy Friday!
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Slightly miffed at something, this crouching owl prepares himself for the inevitable plot twist. Non skid bottom.
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Burned-out private detective Michael McGill is covertly hired to locate an alternative fallback version of the Constitution, an assignment that is complicated by a polyamorous sidekick and a haphazard introduction to an unorthodox use of warm saltwater. What is this surprisingly surreal treat from a bestselling comic book writer?

Ok. This one might be tough. Google, anyone?
Submit your answer by October 6. Winner will select from a list of books.

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