Beyond Shelter News                                        Fall 2015
 "My home has given me the stability I've needed for years, 
this gives me great joy." 
- Chasity H. (homeless for six years, in her own home now for five)
Ending Homelessness by Housing People First

Home is a refuge; we know this is true. It's essential for our comfort, safety, health, and peace of mind. But for many, home has been long out of reach. Boston's Housing First Initiative is ending this tragedy for people who've struggled for years on the streets and in shelters.


People experiencing homelessness have myriad vulnerabilities. They suffer complex health and mental health disabilities that are essentially impossible to address amidst the chaos of homelessness. They are also often victims of crime, their safety constantly at risk.


Housing First ends this for our community's most long-term homeless by placing people in housing first - immediately improving their quality of life.


Once housed, people are connected with services and begin to rebuild their lives. They establish routines, build relationships with friends, family, and community, and move on to more independent living; decreasing their need for services over time.


Housing First saves lives and saves money. When a person is housed rather than living on the streets or in shelters, it saves our community about $9,500 per person/year in health care and public safety alone: providing a dignified and cost-effective solution to homelessness.


In five years, Boston's Housing First Initiative has helped 645 long-term homeless people move beyond homelessness into dignified permanent homes of their. And the best news is,over 90% 

have not returned to the streets or shelters.


Friends Housing First Start-up Fund supports crucial program services like housing placement and case management. And it helps people overcome critical initial barriers to housing, like funds for security deposits and first month's rent, so they can move immediately into their own homes - many for the first time in their lives.


Our Housewarming Registry also offers you the opportunity to provide essential household items that can help turn someone's empty new apartment into a warm, welcoming home.


But there's more to do. Especially with the abrupt closing of Boston's Long Island Bridge, we can and must do more to end homelessness for people living on our streets and cycling in and out of shelters - many for years and even decades.

This coming year, we hope to help over 150 more people move from the streets and shelters into homes of their own. They'll all need a little help to get started.

We need your support. Your gift
will end homelessness, transform lives, and make our community a better place for all of us. Thank you!
How You Can Help

After years of living on the streets and in shelters, Housing First clients finally have a safe, dignified place to call home, providing them peace and stability they need to rebuild their lives. 
However, all have been homeless for many years and have no furniture or household items to set up their new homes.
You can help make their house a home. Browse through the items on our gift registry and you'll provide people with the essential furnishings and  household items we all need to make our house a home.

You can sponsor individual  i tem like a set  of  sheets or  select the entire bedroom!
No matter what you choose, your gift 
makes a direct and lasting impact on transforming someone's new apartment into a cozy home.
Visit the  
Community Partnerships
Wells Fargo Housing Foundation is partnering with Friends on our Housing First Initiative to end homelessness in Boston with a $50,000 grant.
This generous grant 
will help make home a reality for even more people this year who've struggled for years on the streets and in shelters - bringing us one step closer to ending long-term homelessness in Boston for good.

Krista Van Tassel, Vice President of Community Relations and Communications, says, "Wells Fargo is thrilled to support Friends' Housing First Initiative, which is helping deliver on Boston's goal to eliminate chronic homelessness and to serve as a national model to  rethink emergency shelter services. This $50,000 grant will help Friends put our city's most vulnerable residents in safe affordable housing, eliminating the anxiety  of emergency shelters, allowing people to focus on their physical, emotional and financial recovery from life on the streets and providing for long-term community engagement around issues of homelessness."

Each year, the employees at Morgan Stanley are participating in our Housewarming Registry by donating  
Welcome Home Baskets filled with thoughtful and useful items we all need to make our house a home. They've helped warm homes for 50 people so far this year!

Housewarming Party 
to End Homelessness
Beyond Shelter 2012
Join us April 7, 2016 at House of Blues for the biggest & best Housewarming Party to End Homelessness. Twenty of the Boston area's best restaurants, two great bands and a live auction with fabulous prizes. More details coming soon!
Arley's Story
Homeless for nearly 8 years, we helped house Arley on October 29, 2014 (3 weeks after the abrupt closing of Boston's Long Island Bridge). Just one year later, he's reunited with his children and working on a degree at UMASS Boston.

Arley is just one beautiful example of the power of home to transform lives.
Watch Arley's story  here.

"As Theresa selected furniture for her new apartment, she told me she has 12 grandchildren and looked forward to being able to have them visit her in her new home."       


In this beautiful post"Smiles & Hugs", NewLife Home Refurnishing Board Member Barbara Yates shares her experience providing furniture and household items for people who spent years on the streets and in shelters and are finally moving into a home of their own.


Read the blog.
Dine and donate at any of the fabulous restaurants on our Hearth Shares list and 100% of your donation will support Friends of Boston's Homeless and Hearth - Ending Elder Homelessness work to end homelessness in Boston.