We restore hope...one family at a time. April 25, 2016

Our mission at Restoring Hope is to support individuals with disabilities by encouraging and assisting them to accomplish health and fitness goals, valued personal goals and a sense of belonging in their home and community. 

As an organization, we are proud of our 3Rs, which guides us every day. We hold the 3R's close to our hearts and incorporate ways to teach, reward and strengthen these life values. 

R elationship

Building and maintaining relationships with one another is important. Understanding and even celebrating differences helps build stronger relationships. Always working on our communication skills helps us to relate to one another.

We believe that respect is not only about how you treat others, but also how you treat yourself. With respect comes valuing differing points of view and being open. Little acts of kindness certainly can make a big difference in this world.

Responsibility involves owning up to our actions. We learn from both the good and bad of what may happen to us. It's important to be held accountable and have ownership for our mistakes as well as our achievements.

We know that we couldn't do everything we do without you!
How do you live and teach the 3Rs in your Region? Drop us an email and share your stories. 

Thank you to our team-members, consumers, families, and supporters, for your love, compassion, and support!

Our Athletes Are Winners!

On April 30, consumers from the West Plains Region will compete in the state-wide Branson "Invitational" Track Meet. 

After weeks of practice, participants are ready for their time to shine as athletes.  

A Sporting Chance, a Springfield based nonprofit, hosts this phenomenal event and runs it like clockwork. Any person with any type of disability, whether visually impaired, behavioral disabled, wheelchair bound, or autistic, can participate in up to three events. There are relay races, softball throwing, standing long jump, and several wheelchair events for all different levels of skill and ability.  
It's an incredible thing to feel like an all-star athlete for the day. Good luck to our Restoring Hope athletes!
Out And About . . .
We are proud to participate in the Career Fair at MSU-West Plains Campus earlier in the month. Here's Program Manager, Jill Pietroburgo, holding down the fort. Thanks goes out to all team-members who made sure our booth was top-notch! We were able to make some great connections!
Springing Into RESPECT
West Plains has been Springing Into RESPECT with this bulletin board. Jill Pietroburgo teaches that even little things like saying "Thank You" or taking turns shows respect. When someone displays an act of respect, their name is placed in a flower and they blossom on the board. Great and FUN idea!
Follow the 3R's
R elationship - R espect - R esponsibility
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Mandt Training Dates
The Mandt System is a comprehensive, integrated approach to preventing, de-escalating, and if necessary, intervening when the behavior of an individual poses a threat of harm to themselves and/or others.

West Plains, MO
Monday - Tuesday
May 9th & 10th
9 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Ozsbi Center
408 Washington Ave
Large Conference Room
Jeff Smith, trainer 

Springfield, MO
Thursday - Friday
May 26th & 27th
9 a.m.- 4 p.m.
The Library Station
2535 N Kansas Expwy
Frisco Room
Jeff Smith, trainer 

April Dates To Remember
Here are a few dates to jot on your calendar. Some well-known, some not-so-well-known, and some just for fun.

May 4
Star Wars Day

May 5
National Teachers' Day & Cinco de Mayo

May 8
Mother's Day

May 12
Nurse's Day

May 18
No Dirty Dishes Day

May 30
Memorial Day

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