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It's almost the 2nd Thursday of the Month, and you know what that means! We have a meeting! And you're invited!

WHAT: The AVNC meetings are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. 
WHEN: Thursday March 8th at 7:00pm
WHERE: Christ's Church at Griffith Park ( 3852 Edenhurst Ave)

A few exciting agenda items: a presentation from the Bureau of Engineering and CD13 regarding the Multi-Modal Bridge Project in North Atwater, a requested $2500 grant to FoLAR, three letters to the city regarding Homelessness, and more!

Come weigh in! We want to hear from you!

Want to see how the AVNC has been spending it's budget?

Earlier this year the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment created a Funding System Dashboard to allow stakeholders - like you - to see how the NC's are spending their money. The above pie chart shows you how the AVNC has been spending its annual budget of $42,000 so far. To see how much we have left, how much has already been committed, our monthly expense reports, and even look at other neighborhood councils located near us - please click here and select "Atwater Village Neighborhood Council" from the dropdown bar. 

A Plastic Ocean

Thank you to all who attended the AVNC's screenings of "A Plastic Ocean" on Saturday Feb 24th. Plastic pollution is becoming an increasingly known threat to our environment, and we will continue campaigning for a greener and more sustainable neighborhood!

In February the AVNC partnered with Plastic Oceans Foundation to screen their groundbreaking documentary film  A Plastic Ocean

Over 40 stakeholders came out to the screenings to learn about the harmful pollutants that plague our waterways. To make an impact themselves in reducing plastic waste, the AVNC furnished each guest with a take home set of bamboo reusable utensils.

In addition to the two great screenings, our local public schools have expressed an interest in partnering with the AVNC to host education screenings. The AVNC and Community Greening Committee will be considering this joint effort at the beginning of next school year.
For more information, please contact the Community Greening Committee at

  Atwater Village Neighborhood Council | 323-230-2406 |