What are ESD Powder Coatings?
ElectroStatic what?!?
ElectroStatic Dissipative coatings from IFS
Yup, that's the response we've had a few times when discussing IFS ESD Coatings!
However once they know what they are and try them, they love them.
So fill me in - Electrostatic what?
IFS ESD Coatings are high quality powder coatings that are designed to dissipate a
static charge that can cause damage to sensitive electrical components.
Available in a range of chemistries and colors, the product is formulated to provide a surface resistivity of 104 - 1011 Ohms.
Protecting Electronics
With electronics at the heart of almost every business, protecting that investment is crucial. Products can suffer damage if they are subjected to an electrostatic charge. As few as 100 volts is enough to damage an electronic component, so utilizing electro dissipative powder coatings can help add a protective film.
How do I apply them?
They're applied in exactly the same way as any other powder and are generally used for interior applications including electronic enclosures, cabinets, computer work stations, server casings, shelving, robot components and more. With so much reliance on the electrical items themselves, ensuring the safe, continued, dependable performance of electronic equipment is essential. IFS ESD Coatings can offer a cost effective solution.

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