Does Delaying Kindergarten Benefit Children? 
New Keynote Announced

AERO Conference Starts August 3! Not Too Late to Register!
We have heard from Yong Zhao that he will stay for two nights and will be very available to attendees during that time. We're very excited about this.
Keynoter Stuart Grauer has informed us that the title of his keynote is " Stories of Fearless Teachers-how we can ennoble teachers through telling their real stories!" Sounds terrific to us!

Keynoter Peter Gray will be around for two days. 
Jerry Mintz will do Keynote on History of Alternative Education
Also, we have a new keynoter, me! People have asked me if I can present the special Powerpoint I gave at the IDEC in Finland about the History of Alternative Education. So I'll be doing that in the keynoter's slot on Saturday at 1:45. Click here to see an excerpt from the Powerpoint.

Peter Berg's new book, "The Tao of Teenagers:  A Guide to Teen Health, Happiness & Empowerment" will be exclusively available at the AERO conference. Read more about the book and see Peter's bio here

The School visits are set. At noon Summa Academy will host a session there. At 2 PM the Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences will host a visit there. And at 3 PM Village Home will have a presentation and student panel at the Holiday Inn. 
Here's the link for details

Registration will start at 5 PM at the hotel. 

New! Mother Nature's Child will show at 6 PM. 
At 8 PM the new documentary, Beyond Measure will be shown. 

We've maintained the low income option of $225 to this point, but it will be removed before the conference, so you must sign up in advance. It is up to your judgement if you are low income.  

AERO conference is August 3-7 in Portland, OR. Let me know if you or a group needs some special help to be able to attend, etc. If you are a homeschooler or teacher, contact us for special rates. If you haven't registered yet and you need help with that let us know.  

Pioneering Study Reveals More Than 90 Percent Of Colleges And Universities Embrace Alternative Credentials
A study released today by UPCEA (the University Professional and Continuing Education Association), Penn State and Pearson, at the UPCEA and the American Council on Education (ACE) Summit for Online Leadership in Washington, D.C., found widespread acceptance and use of alternative credentialing programs at American colleges and universities. Leading the way are millennial students, who the study found are more likely to favor an educational reward system that is built around badging and certificates, rather than the traditional bachelor's degree. 

Read the rest here.
Physicist Michio Kaku Says Education Needs a Revolution

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku warmed up the packed auditorium Sunday evening by cracking wise with a few science-related pop culture references.

For instance, if you travel back in time and your mother falls in love with you, "you're in deep doo doo," Kaku joked, referencing the film, "Back to the Future."

The future - and education's role in it - was a major theme of Kaku's opening keynote address, which kicked off the annual  International Society for Technology in Education conference in Denver.

"We don't live in 1950 anymore," Kaku said. "We need to undergo a revolution in how we view education."

Find out what he thinks we need to do  here.
How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child?

Figuring out how much Americans spend on their children - the diapers and baby food, the sports teams and braces, not to mention housing and education - is a daunting task. The  U.S. Department of Agriculture has attempted just that since 1960. Its most recent data is from 2013.

In general, the cost of child care alone, when adjusted for inflation, has climbed nearly twice as fast as overall prices since the recession ended in 2009. The figures below are based on what a middle-income family spends per child. (To determine these income groups, the USDA divided the sample of two-parent households into equal thirds.)

Find out how much is costs here. But first, what is your guess? 
How Much Does It Benefit A Child To Delay Kindergarten Entry For A Year?

By  Michael Hansen

To the delight of many school kids, including my own, summer is finally upon us. The next couple of months for them will be filled with athletic camps, swimming parties, barbecues, and stays at Grandma's house. And for my preschooler, he will be celebrating a late summer birthday.

If we were holding this conversation at a social gathering, my mention of both a male preschooler and a late summer birthday in the same sentence might lead you to a follow-up question I've heard in these settings: "Are you going to redshirt him?" And knowing that I conduct education policy research professionally, you might press me further, "Does it actually pay off?" Allow me to use this space to answer this question that many parents have faced.

Read about the surprising research here.
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