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Volume 8 | Issue 5 | October 2016

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Bottling A Great Customer Experience
Someone's figured out how to bottle a great customer experience.  No, this isn't a magic elixir that turns customer disappointment into delight.  This is, quite literally, a bottle that delivers a great customer experience.   Read more >>

Goals Gone Wild

Wells Fargo Debits Its Brand Account

Wells Fargo's brand has lost a bit of its luster, with the revelation that bank employees engaged in illegal sales practices to meet aggressive cross-selling goals.  Four years ago this week, we posted a piece called "Goals Gone Wild!"  Seems like an ideal time to revisit that topic.  Read more >>


Keynote speaker

Need A Speaker?

Watermark's conference keynotes and educational programs will focus your organization on what matters most -- the customer experience you deliver, and the people who deliver it.  Read more >>


Budget planning


'Tis the season for 2017 planning.  If you've got customer experience initiatives, educational programs, or conference keynotes on the drawing board -- talk to us.  We can help bring your ideas into focus and calibrate your budget estimates.  Contact Watermark >>

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" There was no incentive to do bad things. "

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, defending the company in light of allegations that employees opened bank and credit card accounts without customers' knowledge.  (See related story, above.)

Source:  The Wall Street Journal (09.13.16)


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