I believe we all can benefit by the contribution of others. This artice has some very helpful points we all can learn from. Always keep looking to "sharpening your saw" so as to keep one step ahead of the competion.





How To Develop An Attractive Sense of Self


 Each and every minute of everyday we are speaking to our own self or someone else. Are we doing this in a way which builds us up, is empowering and has feel good messages attached? What are your messages for others as to who you are? Is your communication style reflective of being open, encouraging, respectful, helpful and most of all effective?

Here are 5 traits to consider adding to the mix of who you are and who you are becoming. While reviewing an article by Patricia Haddock these make up a very good base to grow from.

 The Authority you possess displays your inner confidence and trust of your very skills and abilities.

 Also-having an attitude of standing up for what you want, need, coupled with a willingness to give to yourself and others is quite infectious.

Your self respect and respect for others leaves a lasting impression of how Assertive you are. Being assertive brings equality to your interactions with others, influencing them through win win negotiations. Your ability to listen, be direct and honest with your behavior will enable others to easily choose to willingly cooperate.

How available and Accessible are you in networking? Are you highly visible with the very people you give and receive support from and relative information?

What does your personal Image say about you? Do you have a high value system, projecting strength, pride and confidence reflecting that of a strong leader? Keep your personal contact direct, eye to eye, especially being genuinely friendly with a warm, firm handshake greeting. This clearly will transmit who you are and what you are about and do. Bring humor into your personal exchanges when the opportunity exists.

Last but not least, what are your regular habits of Communication like? It would be good to appear to be firm with your voice and take deep breaths to maintain control. Eliminate slang, jargon, foul language coupled with a very distinct body language. These all will communicate a sense of YOU.

Remove any unnecessary hand gestures while making your point. Be mindful also that your writings be in line with how you showcase who you are. Be direct, to the point and concise.

 I hope these will serve as additional insight to bringing more success to your life.

 The information highway is endless and growing you is what I enjoying doing by sharing with you helpful suggestions.

 As always, thank you for your time and interest in all of what I do.

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