Volume 1 | November 8, 2017
Our Weekly News & Updates
Hey Everyone! We are so excited to be sharing our journey with all of you! These last couple of weeks have been full of excitement in our family. We celebrated our girls birthdays, had our kids OFFICIALLY adopted, took family pictures, and we have become a forever family.
Upcoming Events
This upcoming week we will be celebrating our adoption with all our friends and family. Follow us on Facebook at Instant Family of Six and join in our live feed! We will also be preparing for Thanksgiving, which we maybe a camping Thanksgiving Trip!
Our Goal is to Reach 10,000 Subscribers!
Do you think we can reach our goal? Help us on our quest to bring about a positive, yet real light on foster care and adoption. If you like what you read share it! Help us reach our goal, so we can continue to get great information out to you!

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