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Hope and healing, thanks to you

Annual Threads of Life family forums are one of the key ways people find support and learn to cope with the work-related tragedy they've experienced. Would you like to know the impact your support for Threads of Life has had? Read these comments from Threads of Life members about what they'll remember from this year's forums:
  • "I have a family at Threads of Life who understand what I am going through. I was feeling I was running on empty and coming to the forum refilled my internal energy tank."
  • "The ability to be my true self because people understand here. No need to wear a mask here."
  • "How time softens the edges of grief and opens up the heart."
  • "Watching and seeing the growth and healing of everyone. Fellowship -- we are not alone in our journey."
Thank you to our family forum sponsors, and to all our volunteers and fundraisers who make these events happen. You have brought hope and healing to lives forever changed.
Working alone: the deadly risk

Working alone - in a situation where the employee can't be seen or heard by a co-worker - holds its own special risks, depending on the workplace. Bob Quarrell's son Tyler was a big, strong young man working for a company that installed granite countertops. Tyler was alone in the back of the shop when he was pinned beneath an 800-pound slab of granite, and suffocated to death. Today, Tyler's dad shares his son's story in an effort to ensure this never happens to anyone else. Are there employees who work out of sight, and out of hearing in your operation?
NOVA Chemicals joins the Threads of Life family

Threads of Life is pleased to introduce our newest corporate partner, NOVA Chemicals. NOVA Chemicals will be a national sponsor for Steps for Life - Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy, and will support our other programs including family forums, volunteer family guides, and the speakers bureau.

NOVA Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of plastics and chemicals, with locations in Ontario, Alberta, and the United States.

"Threads of Life is truly honoured to begin this partnership with NOVA Chemicals," says Executive Director Shirley Hickman. "It's a company that believes, as we do, in the elimination of workplace tragedies, and demonstrates that commitment through its actions. The investment by NOVA Chemicals and its employees will help to ensure Threads of Life's programs are there for people when they need them most."

Here's a way to know your impact on H&S

Working in health and safety, whether as a JHSC member, a human resources professional or OHS staff, it can sometimes be hard to see the impact you're making. Your work is crucial and here's another way you can use your experience and develop new skills at the same time. Volunteering with Steps for Life - Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy brings real results; real change in real time. Across Canada, many of the committees which organize Steps for Life events are staffed by health and safety professionals, alongside Threads of Life families and committed community members. We are thankful that many employers pay it forward by supporting Steps for Life and allowing their employees to volunteer during work time. There are lots of ways you can help - reach out today and ask how!

Sure Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.   

In the holiday classic, Charlie Brown is trying to understand what it all means - beyond the letters to Santa, plays, parties and presents. Well, we know what it all means - and we know you do too. The holiday season is about love, compassion, the joy of sharing. This year, find the true meaning by making Threads of Life families part of your holiday plans. Make a personal donation, or give to Threads of Life in lieu of cards or presents for your employees or clients. Your gift will help us reach out to those recently affected by workplace tragedy, to let them know they're not alone.

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