Chaos is often seen as negative energy that we should avoid or try to control. We are often impacted negatively by the chaos we are facing and the energy we spend trying to resist it. A busy life may inherently feel chaotic but the truth about chaos is that it can actually be a good sign for the coming change as we evolve and grow. The key to chaos is to learn how to ride the wave of chaos to conserve energy vs. resisting the chaos, which costs precious energy.
I was recently watching the surf come in while standing on a beach in Hawaii. The waves were mesmerizing as they came crashing to the shore. The power of the waves was thundering as they crested coming towards the shore.
The surfers were having a peak experience as they timed their strokes to catch the wave. Sometimes they rode the wave all the way to shore and other times they were tossed off their surfboard into the water.
But every time the surfers swam back out to courageously catch a new wave.

How do you train to surf the Chaos?
How do you train to surf the Chaos?

This Hawaii Surf Video is a short meditation. 
As you listen to the thundering surf and watch the mesmerizing waves, 
you will see the surfers catching the chaotic wave energy.  
This is what my friend said to me about surfing - surfers say 'the bigger the wave, the better a ride'. There are some great surfing movies that describe the training for going out on those monster waves.  Surfers will grab the biggest rock they can carry and hold onto it as they drop to the bottom. There they train to hold their breath for longer and longer periods of time.  One of the scariest things they talk about is to be tossed under a wave and not know which way is up or down, which way to swim for air.  
How do you train for the chaos?  
You may feel chaos enter your life in waves. Sometimes chaos builds from the demands that are piling up in your day. Sometimes there are major life events that pull you into the wave. Other times you may be navigating a big transition in your personal life or career life.
It's important when that chaos is impacting you to take a pause, and take a few breaths in and out to relax the tension in your body and refocus into the present. To feel more present in the moment and to stop the inner dialogue, you can put your attention on your core or center, the place 2-3 finger breaths below the naval and a little back towards your spine. Breathe into that place and imagine there is a little glow of magma there that lights up with every breath. Take "breath brakes" in your day to pause and gather your energy and re-focus on the present moment. This is a reset. This is reassembling your inner landscape to meet the outer landscape.  Here is how my clients incorporated this into their day.
  • One busy bee painted the word "Pause" on a rock that she put onto her desk. She used this as her pause button to get out of overwhelm at work
  • Another client of mine stopped smoking. To break the habit of smoking breaks at work he took mini "me time" breaks to pause, breath and reset his focus to the present moment
  • One client set her phone to chime every two hours to take her "breath break" and after awhile others in her department also took a mindful pause when they heard her chime go off
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Gain a new perspective that your stress trigger is an opportunity to learn and grow when you gain clarity of how you can successfully meet your challenge and create a strategy to step out of fear, resistance and confusion and take decisive action.

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